Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Styling, Beauty and our Anniversary!

Kicked off the week with a holiday Monday (Queen Victoria for us Canadians)-and it felt good to see the kids come over. So let’s see what’s been happening this week in my corner of the world…

Started off the week reviewing for Esqido these great matte eyeliners that stay on 24 hours. I received 4 shades to try (brown, black, grey and navy)- and have to say that the black is my favourite. Check out the video here if you’re interested in this:

And on Tuesday was our 35th wedding anniversary!!! Woohoo! Haven’t celebrated officially since curfew ends this weekend so then we’ll be free to go out again! Here we are the before and after lol!

I also posted 2 BOOK REVIEWS ON FASHION: Fashionopolis and Gods and Kings…Which you can READ HERE.

And then…Styling Challenges I’m addicted to!

This one was by my friend Brenda The Chick City Girl and Shayzon for the: ColorBurstChallenge!

For the Blue and Yellow:

Another bold color look…

and excuse me while I have a Marilyn moment!!

Lastly this one called for Green and Orange…Just had to oblige!

FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA of last week’s Linkup: Emma of Style-Splash! Because her 70’s vibes just drops me dead EVERY time!!! Just look at this!!

Vintage Blouse and Skirt

FAVOURITE READ of last week’s Linkup by Ashley of Le Stylo Rouge: Nine reasons why Instagram isn’t worth your time

Why I Left Instagram. | LSR
This post is a WAKE-UP Call!!!

And Now…It’s time for the LINKUP PARTY!!!

Are you READY???!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Have a great weekend Lovies!!!

29 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Styling, Beauty and our Anniversary!

Add yours

  1. Lucy,

    Happy anniversary to you and your guy. I hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating this happy occasion. And I must say that your styling trick for those bright green pants is brilliant. What a great way to doubling up on the outfit possibilities.



    1. Hey thanks Rena- curfew is done woohoo! And yes, I love it too when an outfit can be styled so many different ways. Have a great weekend my friend!


  2. Happy Anniversary, Lucy! I love your blue and yellow outfit, love the tights in the “Marilyn” one and am in awe over your chartreuse “jumpsuit” – you’re so clever!

    Thanks so much for the link-party – I’ll be there shortly.


  3. I love “the jumpsuit”, those colours sing to me! And the tights in the top picture. Finally our weather is warming up so I might be able to lose the tights now! X


    1. Thanks Gail! OUr weather is sort of warming up…but I don’t want to lose the tights just yet lol!


    1. Thanks so much Jess! It’s fun to sometimes show our family pics within our posts! I do try to keep it fashion related…but it’s hard not to include your real life too when you feel so close to others (like you!) in this community! xx


    1. Thanks Ashley! And yes it resonated big time with me! This platform right here, is our real, real- estate! Have a great rest of the week xx


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