Let’s Get Contagious! Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

Jumping right into Fabulous Friday with a fresh new motto that I intend to expose myself to and in return spread like crazy…as it is super contagious! And- I want no immunity!!!

I’m talking about KINDNESS!!

Are you on board? Let’s spread this thing!!!

Beginning of the week, Stylish Monday had us wearing our ‘weekend’ outfits. Love this collab! If you haven’t seen our looks, you can check them out HERE.

Then along came Wednesday, and a gem-stone-colour- outfit is what we wore for #WearitWednesday:

Thursday I posted about 3 fantastic books I listened to on Audible. Catch those Reviews HERE.

ONTO my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVAS from last week’s Linkup Party!!! Starting with Jill of Doused in Pink!

I’m nuts for this colourful patchwork!

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup was by Gail of Is This Mutton: Taking on the Instagram Algorithms (comeon…tell me you’ve never cared about insta numbers…that’s what I thought. Read this!)

An outfit inspired by the Kurt Geiger Rainbow bag worn by Is This Mutton style blogger Gail Hanlon. Purple trousers, sandals and top with a vivid Blue Jewel jacket
And she looks pretty swag to boot!

And now my Lovies- It’s time for our FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINK UP PARTY!!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Enjoy the weekend and keep spreading Kindness around!!

24 thoughts on “Let’s Get Contagious! Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

Add yours

  1. Love this motto, Lucy, and it fits you perfectly! The pink tee with leopard and pink belt look is so darn cute! And I love the aqua, too! Obviously! Lol! Happy weekend.

    xx Darlene


  2. A big YESSSSSS to these fabulous leopard-based outfits, Lucy! I adore both your bright pink and your turquoise pairings – leopard is truly a neutral!

    One of my mantras is, “It cost nothing to be kind” – I remind myself of this constantly when I am out and about and interacting with people. You get what you give in this world, so if you put out an attitude of kindness, you will get it in return.

    Thank you so much for the link-party! I’m wearing red leopard today (post will be up in about 8 hours), but am joining you with my Wed work “lewk”.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


    1. Oh Sheila you are the poster child for Kindness!! And Fashionable icon as well! Thanks so much- and can’t wait to check out that lepard look! xx


    1. Yes pink and leopard are such a great combo- I agree! Thanks for spreading the dose of kindness my beautiful friend- have a great weekend too xx


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