STYLING CONFESSION: Why I Love the Coastal Living Look- But Not Its Sexist Trending Name…

I'm blessed to be a grandmother. I also happen to live by the water. I love both of these things about my life. But according to brand marketing and specifically for trends and retail purposes, I need to be categorized: A grandmother living by the water= Coastal Grandma. And boom you've got a trend! Automatically... Continue Reading →

FASHION UNSTITCHED: Influencers Reaching for the Moon

And if the saying holds...they're pretty much landing among the stars. Truly, today's influencers are reaching celebrity status like we've never seen before; or have we? Chiara Ferragni Fashion icons- or trend setters are not a novelty. They've existed alongside dress history since the very beginning. We can name tons of trendsetters from Cleopatra to... Continue Reading →

STYLING CONFESSIONS: The Stylish Monday Gang Goes ‘Undercover’

For our monthly Stylish Monday collaboration, we're discussing, passe-partout, seamless, well-fitting undergarments that can take us through the coming summer months, comfortably and discreetly. A topic that is certainly of much importance to all of us ladies and needs to be discussed. We don't want to go back to the beginnings in fashion history where... Continue Reading →

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