Great Find!

So rare to find a Raffaello Bettini hat here in Montreal! This Italian hatmaker family-owned company since 1938 is mostly well known for hats made of Florentine straw.  They've expanded to selling mostly to the rest of Europe and US...Never thought I'd find one here! And where, might you ask? Winners in Laval! This beauty... Continue Reading →

Armani Lives Here

Just take a short walk off the busy center of Milan- actually walk down past the Armani shop and hotel...and onto a small road and there you are at Giorgio's place. I love the grand 'portone'. Apparently the locals thought he might be a big snob causing lots of ruckus with all that fame...instead, turns... Continue Reading →

Home Grown – Home Made

Both of these delicious Venetian plates are from fresh produce and ingredients- straight from my cousins' Lucia and Marylena's homes. Polenta, Sopressa, sausage, fresh salad and cabbage, and the famous Asiago cheese (straight from the farmer! Also, straight from the neighbor's farm are the delicious pork chops on the grill. For dessert: fresh figs topped... Continue Reading →

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