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My name is Lucy- I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I’m a mother, wife, college fashion teacher/ stylist 

My blog is all about inspiring midlife women to dress up for life and enjoy styling it up.  So, If you love Fashion, Fashion topics, Fashion history, Diy’s- all that and more, mixed with a good dose of life moments, come share my journey! As someone once said:  Life’s too short, wear the outfit!

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  1. love hats love venice ! went there alot never tire of it!
    lookin forward to fall
    so i can dress more and wear more hats …
    welcome back kid!

  2. I love this! all the passions we have in one. I share with you the love of hats which I hope will be the beginning of a new comeback. I know they’re worn today but not enough. There was a time when a hat completed and outfit, well I wish that back…Besides, isn’t wonderful when you’re having a bad hair day and it could be hidden with a hat! thank you for making us share that.

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