Fashion is Cyclical

I often wonder if the saying 'history repeats itself' was actually meant for fashion. Everything we wear or have worn comes from some prior inspiration- and that can go as far back as Antiquity and beyond! Fashion is cyclical. Don't believe me? Send me an image of any clothing item, and I'll root it back... Continue Reading →

White After Labour Day?

What do you think about wearing white after Labour Day? Vous désirez écouter le résumé en français? Voila! Audio summary of this blog post in French Where did the saying come from anyway? Let me put my fashion history teaching to practice here... In the past wearing white was synonymous with light fabrics and... Continue Reading →


Where We Unravel the World of Fashion... Review: PARACHUTE EXHIBITION at the Mccord Museum of Montreal Do you remember the iconic fashion brand, Parachute? It was all the rave of sought-after underground fashion from 1977 to 1993. A true phenomenon of the 80's. Harry Parnass and Nicola Pelly both worked in sales at Le Chateau... Continue Reading →

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