FASHION UNSTITCHED: Met Gala’s Gilded Glamour Interpretations…

How exciting that the Met Gala this year be centered on the ‘Gilded Glamour’ period in America! What an incredible idea for the coming out of a pandemic with a splash of reverie. Mindful of how people have had enough of restraints, confinement and living in fear- what best but to go all out and celebrate in a Gilded Glamour way? Speaking of which, have you watched the Gilded Age series on Crave Ca? It is incredible and so on point costume-wise; a definite treat for any fashion history buff.

Naturally, I revelled in watching the Red Carpet runway of the Met Gala to see how this theme would be manifested through fashion. I was incredibly intent on seeing the Met Gala’s interpretation of that time in history where all was glitter, glamour, excess and status- living beyond their means. Keeping in mind that Met Gala events are where academia, history and fashion, all come together- based on one theme. The celebrities are given an assignment when given the theme…It’s not just about getting a fabulous dress. Creating the look should be challenging, and labour-intensive; no small feat.

That in mind, I envisioned more of either an historical twist or very gaudy gold, excessive looks. So what I may have expected, was clearly not always what I saw. Some of the looks were well conceived and interpreted- but not all, that’s for sure. Based on this is where I ranked my favourite looks of this magical evening.

My favourites, reminiscent of a dreamy, glamourous time in the late 1800’s in America- with a definite touch of history:

Eliza Gonzalez in Michael Khors- spectacular in this feathery, so a propos for the theme!
Magnificent Hailey Bieber in Yves St-Laurent. Breathtaking!
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in Louis Vuitton. Jonas’ touch of lace bringing us that hint of historical inspo.
Stormzy in all-white Burberry stands regal- He got the memo.
Gwen Stefani in Vera Wang, dabbing into the historical while keeping true to her whimsical-hard-core style. Love this take on the theme!
Kacey Musgraves in Prada- Can’t you just picture her mingling in the most decadent of elite salons…
Kendall Jenner in Prada, always makes the list. A twist of modern provocacy in her sheer top mixed with glamour eccentricity to give us the right subdued, most elevated look.
And then there was the Met Queen herself, Anna Wintour in a perfect Gilded Glamour representation by Chanel.

And then there was the side of true Gilded excessive glamour that I think should have been an integral focus of the theme: Gold. These interpretations were my favourites.

MJ Rodriguez in dazzling Moschino
Chloe Fineman was inspired by the Series Gilded Age! She’s on point!
Chloe Kardashian in Moschino (this was one fast understudy; the dress was created in less than 10 days!) The glitz on this beauty took the wind out of most, I imagine. How incredible does she look?!
And for the controversy of the evening…Kim Kardashian in Marilyn’s dress. This actually goes against any historian’s right mind or years of fine education on what Not to do to a period piece!! Never let anyone touch, let alone wear such a heritage garment. Nonetheless, they did. Kim looks beautiful in this extraordinary, one-of a kind dress. I still think Marilyn outshone and wore it best.

These next two are not in Gold- but the infinite sparkle, glitter and extravagance are everything!

GUCCI…of course!!
Janelle Monae in exquisitely refined Ralph Lauren. Period American high class at its best.

My Absolute Favourites of the evening:

For an absolute perfect take of the Gilded Age’s historical reminiscence in beauty, luxury and status, I give you none other than Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker just gets it. For her, this assignment is always a year-long commitment to getting it right. And she absolutely does. Straight A’s for her. Standing in all the period’s glamour and perfection- her gown created by Christopher John Rogers; Headpiece by Philip Treacy.

Lastly, an absolutely outstanding accomplishment of the assignment, for what represents: excess, regality, glitter and gaudiness in absolute fairytale splendour- over-the top- magnificence:

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace where her gown transformed as she walked! This gown goes down in history for how fantastic it is in every sense of the Met Gala. Mission Accomplished.

What were your favourite looks?

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  1. I should watch “The Gilded Age”! So many shows…

    I totally agree with your top two, Lucy. SJP knocked it out of the park – she is a student of fashion and it always shows in her looks. Every detail is thought out. Blake’s dress – WOW. And then the train! The ceiling of Grand Central? A nod to the Statue of Liberty? She stepped up (as the main “host” of the Gala) and killed it. Slayed!

    1. She totally did!!! I love both SJP and Blake’s so much I’m still gaga over those images. Thanks Sheila xx

  2. Wow! These gowns are true works of art. I think everyone is so weary after 2+ years of a global pandemic that choosing the theme “The Gilded Age” provided a welcome opportunity to focus on beauty and extravagance without feeling guilty.
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 18.

  3. I get so excited with posts like this, I adore looking at celebrities dressed up, and having a historical fashion theme to follow is even better! SJP was my favourite, she never outs a foot wrong. Marilyn definitely wore that dress better than Kim K. Thanks fir linking xx

    1. Totally agree my friend! Especially the Kim with Marilyn dress…in my opinion that was almost sacrilege!!! Thanks xx

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