FASHIONABLE FRIDAY: Spring Jackets and Palettes…

I was invited to a Bridal Shower last weekend and decided on wearing black & white; a combination that never gets old. I love these two together especially for Spring. It’s like breaking in with the white while slowly removing the black to welcome the brighter, warmer weather. But then…I may have gone too far with my matchy-matchy look- and guess what?! I loved it!

Have you ever heard it said that matchy-matchy gives away your age, or makes you look older? I have- and honestly, sometimes it really can date you. Especially when you think of purse and shoe sets! Well, this time I just kept going with it- just adding one more match after the other. I went with it- and don’t regret it! With this look, a tougher black vinyl jacket is what created the cool juxtaposition of edgy-feminine.

I loved this fun look so much that I also wore it for Ada’s Birthday this week! Check out Ada’s blog and wish her a Happy Birthday- I’m sure she’d love that!

How cute is this new-baby-Mom?!

It’s almost Mother’s day, and for me, during this special holiday time, I like to sprinkle some pink into my looks. Maybe it’s that spring is in the air? All I know is that I’m completely drawn to pinks come May. I wore this look on Palm Sunday to be exact- but I just might wear it again for Mother’s Day- not sure! In any case, how cute is this total pink palette, right down to the shoes? But in my opinion, without this sweet pink tweed jacket, the look would still be calling out for attention; It really needed the jacket to level it up. Delicious gelato palette!

More jackets you ask? Yes!! I wore this deep fuschia, paisley print, corduroy duster as a jacket; pretty unbeatable! When I have some time, I will change up the buttons to elevate the look a bit more. But it’s still so cute as is! And what a fine time to add this lozenge retro vest with the deep purple/fuschia blouse. All the colours playing along with this sultry Spring palette. (Hoping to ditch the booties and scarf real soon though – ugh).

There’s a glimpse of that gorgeous vintage necklace you’ve seen me wear before. Love!

That pretty much wraps up my styling palettes! If you’ve missed my two other posts I wrote this week, be sure to check them out: FASHION UNSTITCHED: Met Gala’s Gilded Glamour Interpretations… And: Monday’s Styling Confessions: Through the Looking Glass…or Not


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23 thoughts on “FASHIONABLE FRIDAY: Spring Jackets and Palettes…

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    1. Thanks Jess- having fun with styling is what it’s all about! Have a great weekend too xx

  1. I don’t think you could ever look your age or out of date! Not with your edgy black jacket, or the divine fuchsia/purple duster jacket. Love the sorbet pink outfit too.

    1. Aww well isn’t this the loveliest of compliments! Made my day beautiful Gail xx

  2. I love the European style socks-in-pumps look. The striped socks are perfect with the shoes and the pants. My absolute favorite is the bold color, mixed print look in the purple, magenta, pink colors. Classic patterns in a modern mix and fashion colors. Can it get better than that? Likely not! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! I love the way you described it all! I love it too! Have a great weekend xx

  3. Hi, Lucy – I like the pink outfit. But since I don’t have much pink, I’m going to try it in peach. I really love how you’ve toughened up feminine looks in this post with the black biker jacket and the black lace-up boots and leather-look skinnies. I’m partial to black but try to keep it under control or everything I wear ends up being black. Haha! Thanks for sharing your creative looks – Angie,

    1. Oh yes- black sure has that tendency to grab its place and never leave! Although I don’t naturally gravitate to black, for some reason when I got started with it, it becomes an addiction. So I get you! Thanks Angie!

    1. Hi! I’ve always, always loved pink. Not sure when I started leaving it aside though. What’s definite is that I’ll be wearing much more of it! Thanks xx

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