FABULOUS FRIDAY’S Linkup Party- DIY Time, Looks and Always a Challenge!

Did you think I’d let another week go by without a DIY- I’m trying not to!  I may not post one every single week…but would you believe me if I told you I have a basket filled to the brim just waiting for me to transform what’s in it?  Yes, it’s true. 

Oh well, one thing at a time. Today, I’m gonna show you what used to be pants- and how they became a top!  Because they were mid-calf, I decided to give some length by adding some black lace. Then I cut the crotch part and turned that into the neckline.  Sewed up all hems and flipped my garment bottom- up- and there it was:  A brand new top!!

Check out my fun reel. 

Next, This week I joined a challenge for ‘trends in your closet’ on Instagram.  This one encourages you to shop what you own and find something that’s trending right now.  There’s a list.  So, I basically ticked off a few boxes with 70’s leather, a vest, and texture!  Here’s one look:

I also got to style up a fantastic Joseph Ribkoff top for 1ere Avenue.  I’m super crazy about this peacock color!!  And- the fit is soo good.  It’s part of their Fall collection, but honestly, this one can be worn all year-round (well at least here in Montreal it can!)

Besides that, still trying to finish up reading Jean-Claude Poitras’ book (Montreal designer 60’s-90’s).  Note: It’s in French. Looking forward to posting a review if I can ever find time to finish it!!

And, if you’re into horoscope fashion, this week I wrote a post on Libra Fashion! You can read that here:

I want to say a big Thank you to Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish for featuring me! These silver booties were the stars of my monthly collab for the Thrifty Six. And also a big Thank you to Michelle of My Bijou Life Online for featuring me wearing this shocking pink jacket (turns out it was quite the hit!)

And now onto my Favourite Fashionista Diva from last week’s Linkup Party is…Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine9 for her exquisite look! How gorgeous is this jumpsuit?!! So feminine and chic- and that colour is so perfect on her! Double whammy for the handbag that pairs that look so stylishly- they were made for each other. Love!!

My Favourite Linkup Read of the Week was by, Beth of Sass For Short for her post : Scent of the Season – What’s Good for You

And now Lovelies…Are you ready for a Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party??!  PLEASE LINK UP YOUR POSTS WITH ME!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!CLICK HERE TO ENTER


Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!


I love this blogging community so much! And I know how much goes into writing every single post, every single week. It’s a dedication thing. And- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. So we put our everything in it! Please take the time to check out these wonderful bloggers and what they have to say. It’s good for everyone:)

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The Upside to Confinement

Who would have thought it would come to this?  And now we are all in it together- even though we must keep apart.  Can it be that this confinement due to Covid-19 can actually bring us back to a newfound quality-time? We shall not be defeated!

Here are some ideas for how this Montreal girl spends her time:

  • Exercise. It doesn’t have to be something too strenuous (unless you want it to be).   I started taking long walks on a more regular basis.  This helps with the cabin fever and to refresh my mind.  Try taking a different route than usual and start observing the nature around you with more intent- it’s beautiful. Or- my favourite…dance to some 80’s fab music!
  • Cooking! Oh how cooking releases my stress, I can’t say enough about this!  Comfort food and the whole process- I’m loving it.  Why not cook up a recipe that you’ve been dying to make?
Check out the Highlights over at my Instgram feed @lucybertoldi under Yummy and Yummy 2 for tasty recipes
  • Start journaling.  This can be in written form, art, or other.  I make art.  Can anything be more cathartic?  The whole creative process keeps you in the moment (which weirdly enough makes time fly!).  I do mixed media art on canvas but also a lot of journaling.  If you’re interested on seeing more just head on over to my Instagram: @mtl.diva.art

Art heals

  • Meditate- keep your faith.  In the same lines with journaling or making art- try some meditating.  For some this could be in form of prayer, yoga, or whatever other form you get into.  This helps us refocus, regenerate and ultimately brings us inner strength- leading to hope and positivity!
  • DIY’s and projects!  Why not work on some of the things that always get set aside because of no time- can’t use that excuse right now!  Revamp your stuff and feel a self of renewal and accomplishment.  This is probably my favourite thing to do lol!  But projects can also be cleaning out something (like your closet!) …which btw, can also be cathartic!!
  • Sit down with a good book you’ve been longing to read! A bit of quiet time to indulge in the topics you want to learn more about.  Researching new things can be so much fun to help open your horizon for your present job, career, sport or hobby.
Adorned in Dreams, by Elizabeth Wilson is a fashion historian’s dream for real.

Click on link below to watch a clip of my review of Illustration Now! Fashion by, Julius Wiedermann Taschen

  • On these same lines, on your own (or with those you’re cooped up with!)- maybe watch a movie (or finish a Netflix series- or start one!) And why not play a game of sorts: cards, monopoly, backgammon…
  • Pamper yourself.  Take the time to finally indulge (without a darn schedule to follow!).  I think I will finally start trying those 12 different masks I have piling up in my try and review bin!
  • Heart-to-heart time with those you love (at home with you- or through Skype, messenger…). What better time to tell those you love how much you care for them?  This could be a good time for those talks you’ve been setting aside for ‘the right time’.
  • Lastly, try to remain positive, thankful and appreciative.  So difficult to do- but certainly doable!  Look at all the positive things you can actually do within this confinement period.  We’ve been geared up to always be on the go-go-go that we’ve forgotten how to stop, be still and appreciate.  Maybe a forced situation such as this one, just maybe, can bring light upon the things that are good around us.  For once we don’t have to say: I don’t have time.

#Confessionoftheday: Reminding myself that the sun always rises. Working hard on not letting anyone or anything take away my joy. A constant battle well worth the fight.

Stay Safe

“Illustration Now! FASHION”, my Review


Illustration Now! FASHION, by Julius Wiedermann – Taschen

Ok…I am just salivating over this new book…What a celebration to fashion illustration!

I’m not the only one that believes art and fashion are of one essence, that’s for sure. But to find a book that embodies this truth- for me- it doesn’t get much better than this.

Written in English, German and French, and filled to the brim with exceptional designer talent; I swear to you, every single page is like candy!

The book begins with a historical timeline perspective of fashion illustration and its importance throughout time. I found this to be such an enjoyable treat to read. Simple, to the point, while being filled with juicy historical relevance. Just the perfect appetizer for the subsequent immersion into a treasure of the most beautiful fashion art by 90 exceptional illustrators from around the world.

I’ll for sure be using this book as a springboard for inspiration in my own art work. In here, there’s no end to the creativity that can be translated through any of your favourite mediums. Vibrant, exquisite colours that just make fashion that much more fun. There’s also a brief biography of the artist and quotes of interest.

Here, I just CAN’T. Gotta show you NOW.






For all you fashion artists out there- and mixed media lovers alike (especially my friends who love drawing whimsical girls) …this is the ONE.

Catching up on Great Books…

Summer is here…well, sort of- so, it’s time to indulge in some good reading.  One of my favourite authors, Kate Quinn is always on a roll with the finest of books.  I should be reading very soon,The Alice Network; which promises to be excellent according to all the reviews I’ve read.  But today I’m posting a review of one of her books that was long overdo for me- and I loved it!

The first book in the Borgia series- Quinn writes a page turner that plunges you into the life and times of the famous Pope Alexander VI and his mistress ‘la Bella’, Madonna Giulia Farnese. Historically accurate, the story is depicted in the detailed life of this exceptional beauty who proves to be not just that; she is feisty, kind, and super smart. This was a delightful read which included, Roman delicacies, a look into fashion, for which Giulia was the ultimate trendsetter. The book is also filled with the intrigues and political dynamics of the times. A time when the Borgias ruled everything and beyond. I enjoyed this book immensely.

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