“Illustration Now! FASHION”, my Review


Illustration Now! FASHION, by Julius Wiedermann – Taschen

Ok…I am just salivating over this new book…What a celebration to fashion illustration!

I’m not the only one that believes art and fashion are of one essence, that’s for sure. But to find a book that embodies this truth- for me- it doesn’t get much better than this.

Written in English, German and French, and filled to the brim with exceptional designer talent; I swear to you, every single page is like candy!

The book begins with a historical timeline perspective of fashion illustration and its importance throughout time. I found this to be such an enjoyable treat to read. Simple, to the point, while being filled with juicy historical relevance. Just the perfect appetizer for the subsequent immersion into a treasure of the most beautiful fashion art by 90 exceptional illustrators from around the world.

I’ll for sure be using this book as a springboard for inspiration in my own art work. In here, there’s no end to the creativity that can be translated through any of your favourite mediums. Vibrant, exquisite colours that just make fashion that much more fun. There’s also a brief biography of the artist and quotes of interest.

Here, I just CAN’T. Gotta show you NOW.






For all you fashion artists out there- and mixed media lovers alike (especially my friends who love drawing whimsical girls) …this is the ONE.

Catching up on Great Books…

Summer is here…well, sort of- so, it’s time to indulge in some good reading.  One of my favourite authors, Kate Quinn is always on a roll with the finest of books.  I should be reading very soon,The Alice Network; which promises to be excellent according to all the reviews I’ve read.  But today I’m posting a review of one of her books that was long overdo for me- and I loved it!

The first book in the Borgia series- Quinn writes a page turner that plunges you into the life and times of the famous Pope Alexander VI and his mistress ‘la Bella’, Madonna Giulia Farnese. Historically accurate, the story is depicted in the detailed life of this exceptional beauty who proves to be not just that; she is feisty, kind, and super smart. This was a delightful read which included, Roman delicacies, a look into fashion, for which Giulia was the ultimate trendsetter. The book is also filled with the intrigues and political dynamics of the times. A time when the Borgias ruled everything and beyond. I enjoyed this book immensely.

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