Fashion Related Book Reviews: Hooked on Audio Reading!

I may be a late comer to ‘listening to books’- but let me tell you that I’m not leaving!

I recently tried out Audible Books (this is not a paid review!)- and I was thrilled! I’ve been wanting to read more lately…but why is it that I either have no time to do so, or if I switch to reading in bed, I immediately doze off?

This new way of getting my info while keeping me entertained, literally while doing anything- anywhere (or almost)- works for me!!

I’ve read 2 books in less than 2 weeks – and am now actually ‘re-listening’ to one because it’s that easy and why not! I can do this while cooking, driving, lunching (on my own), house cleaning, shopping…(Best hour and a half spent getting my nails done!).

So what have I read? Let’s start with Fashionopolis, by Dana Thomas.

Fashionopolis cover art

This book has everything you want to know about sustainability in fashion- everything. Thomas speaks about the fashion industry and all its secrets and history when it comes to sustainability; as well as the progress that’s also being made and that includes highlighting new talent.

Being in the industry, for sure I gobbled this down- but it’s just as interesting for anyone who loves fashion and wants to learn more about what’s really going on. This book informs while entertaining- you’ll learn so much about the whole process, and you will truly be amazed by what you learn. It does have relevant technical information as well, nevertheless, the book remains super engaging. I guarantee it will not leave you indifferent. Excellent for those who want to know more. (Btw, this is the book I’m actually re-listening to!).

The Second book, also by Dana Thomas: Gods and Kings

Gods and Kings cover art

I could no stop listening to this. It’s actually extraordinary in how precise and fascinating the story of the lives of these great fashion designers is told. Nothing is left unsaid. You truly learn so much about both Galliano and McQueen- as well as all the people they’ve ever surrounded themselves with. Dana Thomas is incredibly well-versed on these two magnates. Just when I thought I already knew all there was to know, not only about their collections and process, but this goes way beyond what I was expecting to learn. Many of the parts are not for the faint of heart. Controversy feels well at home within this read. I highly recommend this to anyone with the thirst to know both of these exceptional men, their lives, loves, struggles, business successes and mega genius thought processes and creations. And- the name-dropping is everything you’ll want to know! Let me know if you read this.

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  1. I really got into audio books when I got a new car a couple of years ago, because my car was a lot more updated and I could actually listen to books on it! Lol! It has been my favorite thing to listen to audio books on my way home from dropping my kids off at school or other activities. I need to check these out that you mentioned!


    1. Carrie, I’m totally hooked! The only thing though is that Audible does not necessarily have all the titles available…so their choice is a bit limited I’m finding. But these I mentioned are so good! Have a great long weekend xx

  2. I really wanted to like Fashionopolis as I loved Dana Thomas first book on the luxury fashion industry, but I didn’t really enjoy it. There were some good quotes and takeaways from Stella Mccartney but a lot of it was so US focused and not as helpful a book as I wanted it to be. If you did enjoy these two from her you’ll love Deluxe!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Away From Blue

    1. Yes, it’s true that it can be a bit drier…but I guess for me, because I teach Fibres and Textiles – the whole industry thing and all, brought me so much insight that I loved it. I’m interested in reading Delux as well! I was just afraid itt might be dated by now..? let me know please!! Thanks so much Mica!! xx

  3. Lucy, these look like fascinating books! I should start listening to audiobooks. I have been wanting to read more, but like you, I usually only find the time at night and I fall asleep before I even turn the first page! But then again, I spend a huge portion of my days reading blog posts that I am quite tired of reading when I have some down time! I will get back to it, I’m sure, when the spirit really moves me. Great post! Thanks for linking with me.


    1. Shelbee, I know what you mean exactly- I’m out in a flash at the first page too! This is why audio books are a true game changer- and you read at times you never thought you would! Thanks xx

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