Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

So ready for the weekend ever since I heard the curfew will be lifted by the end of this month! Finally we’ll be allowed out and now here I am thinking: So many clothes, so little time! Dreaming of what I can finally wear to go out again. And on the other hand, I’ve kinda enjoyed becoming a homebody lol!!

So here’s to styling a print mash- up of my province’s colours; Quebec’s blue and white! This little gingham top is actually a mini dress- yup! I find that when my weight fluctuates…so does the length of my dresses. And that’s when I transition them into tops (until they fit again as dresses lol!).

How about you? Are booties a no-no in May- or the summer?

Here’s me explaining my LOTD in less than a minute:

What I styled up this week:

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Have you read my second post on AGEISM? I’d love to have you collaborate!

And here’s my floral look for this month’s Collab with The Thrifty Six -Make sure to check out my tribe’s amazing outfits HERE:

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And Super excited that my post: AGEISM Part 1: You’re Not the Boss of Me… was featured on Links a la Mode!!

This post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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23 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

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    1. I always love blue- for some reason this colour gets the ‘moody’ bad rap- yet it does the opposite for me- it brings me up! Have a great rest of the weekend xx

    1. Thanks:) Oh I remember those happy times when school was out and being able to get off a schedule and enjoy some good times with the kids! Enjoy!! xx

  1. I love your blue and white outfit, Lucy! And I wear booties all summer long. They are wonderful with my festival outfits! How exciting that you will be getting back to normal soon. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Yes I’m so happy about that! And, like you, booties – especially my light colored- ones, are all year round too! xx

  2. Aw, that’s me! Thanks so much, Lucy! I truly appreciate that!

    I love your Quebec-inspired outfit! We’ve been told things will loosen up SLIGHTLY here, so I’m really hoping for some good news on Tuesday for BC. Our daily numbers have been dropping (less than 20 per day on Vancouver Island!) and everyone’s been getting their first jabs.

    Thanks so much for the link-party! I say yes to booties in summer (especially if it’s not sunny, as it often is NOT, on the we(s)t coast!).

  3. What a fun blue and white outfit! I love the mix of prints and textures, with the same colour scheme it all works together so well! 🙂

    Thanks for the link up 🙂

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 How exciting your restrictions will be lifted soon!

  4. Lucy,

    Your LOTD is a brilliant example of the creative use of a simple color palette and mix of patterns to achieve an unbeatable ensemble. As for wearing booties in May and throughout the summer, I’m all in on that. Sometimes I need a break from sandals. And what a fantastic surprise to see that you chose my post as your favorite from last week’s link-up. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Rena! And yes, I absolutely loved your post- such great advice- that I hope to incorporate- but old habits are so…
      Have a great weekend xx

    1. Thanks beautiful Laura! This weekend is a long one so it’s for sure fun so far! xx

  5. Booties in May – yes! The weather has been so bad it’s just not right to wear sandals yet.

    Loving your Quebec blue and white. Neat idea to wear a dress as a top!
    Have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks my friend! As for dresses as tops…I love my dresses but can’t say they’re fitting that well anymore, so why not wear them as tops!! Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

  6. Fabulous mix of prints! I love the lace trim on the neckline and sleeves. I’ve been wearing either ankle boots or trainers – I think I’ve worn sandals twice this year! The weather has been terrible in the UK, so much rain! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. Oh Emma the weather here is actually nuts! And so I can’t let go of booties ether! Thanks so much!

    1. Right?! Like how is that even possible of two different brands altogether? Fast fashion at work, I’m pretty sure- I’m so glad I actually thrifted this lol!

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