FABULOUS FRIDAYS’ LINK PARTY! Styling Looks- Good Food- My Wedding Anniversary!

I just love Fridays- and even more so when I’ve had a beautiful week.  With the good weather finally showing up, I had so much fun styling up some looks.  Here are some pics… As well, here's a clip if you’d like to see me strut these ootd's! https://videopress.com/v/kg87kQgM?preloadContent=metadata The true highlight of my week... Continue Reading →

Moussa…Who? MOUSSAKA: the Reigning King of Satisfaction!

So some time ago someone decided they wanted a succulent, hearty meal that satisfies not only your appetite but sends explosions of taste throughout your mouth all the while transporting your senses- making you smile, relax and enjoy life...Leave it to the Greeks to invent such a dish! (Is that any surprise?) Presenting: Moussaka! Beware... Continue Reading →

Home Grown – Home Made

Both of these delicious Venetian plates are from fresh produce and ingredients- straight from my cousins' Lucia and Marylena's homes. Polenta, Sopressa, sausage, fresh salad and cabbage, and the famous Asiago cheese (straight from the farmer! Also, straight from the neighbor's farm are the delicious pork chops on the grill. For dessert: fresh figs topped... Continue Reading →

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