Fabulous Fridays…Fashion Challenges, Good Food and a LINK UP PARTY!

Dear Covid,

Did you think you could crack our spirits and paralize us into seclusion just like that? Here here for all of us who will not stand to no such bullying! We are living our lives the best way we can- confinement and all!

This past week has had me styling for clients, students and Instagram all at once! Who said you can’t style a Tee with just about everything? @thriftedkindalife had us up and going looking through our closets and styling up like crazy! My thrift sisters out there did a superb job! You cna check them out at: #thriftedootd365days on Instagram.

Here are some of my Tee Styling Pics (you can see all these posted on my Instagram feed as well- please follow if you’d like at @lucybertoldi

Wasn’t sure about the elephant with a turned down trunk…Thoughts anyone?
Oh and just because this is such a great jacket (I got in Greece last year)- had to show you! Wore it over the Tee and wrap-up animal print pants. Like it?
Here’s another Tee look- more of a rocker vibe- but I just love it with this tee. The socks and sandals too give it more of an edgy look- why not?!
Here’s the Tee from up close. It says Wonderland..but not sure where this is from exactly (the perfect thrifted Tee), colours and all!

In my last post I talked about some staples every Diva needs in her closet- and jumpsuits was one of these. Well, I should have included a good two-piece that acts like a jumpsuit! This one here is just that!

I layered it with a sheer turtleneck (as it was still quite cool here in Montreal). But! the black waist is part of the top- not of the turtleneck! So you could actually tuck it into the pants and it would look more uniform- but I do like it this way too.

My recipes this week were way less elaborate- and so much faster to prepare! Pizza, tortellini, Rapini and sausage- Sadly I didn’t tape everything I cooked this week.- oh well! Also had some Spritz. Do you guys like this drink as much as I do? You can watch here!

I also love a refreshing Vodka and Cranberry with a view- do you?

AND NOW!!! MY VERY FIRST PARTY!!! Will You Link up and join me? I’d love that so much.

Will be doing a Link Party every Friday- Please come and spread the word! Also, if you’d like to leave me a comment, I’d be more than thrilled. Thanks! Now let’s party!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!Click here to enter

I love reading other great blog posts- so I thought to include some really good ones for you to check out! They have linkup parties where you can link your own posts. Go check them out and show some love. Have a good one!


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Have a great weekend!

Lucy xx

31 thoughts on “Fabulous Fridays…Fashion Challenges, Good Food and a LINK UP PARTY!

Add yours

  1. Hi Lucy!
    I love the tees! Especially the rocker style and I will wear lace socks with sandals, it’s fun! I have a few jumpsuits and forget about them, i need to style them before it gets too hot! I have been enjoying some Spanish red wines as of late, and my favorite white right now is White Bordeux, so good! Your cranberry beverage looks refreshing
    enjoy your weekend!
    jess xx

    1. You are the sweetest and you wear everything so well- fabulously gorgeous always!! Thanks so much:) xx

  2. Love the styling of your tees. I think elephants’ trunks are normally down so I thought he looks a fine beast. Thanks for the new linky! X

  3. I’m in need of a graphic t-shirt refresh. I really like your rocker skirt look. I have almost a full bottle of cranberry juice that I bought for a recipe, but haven’t used it in a cocktail–yet!

    1. Oh you must with vodka- it’s so refreshing! Thanks for the compliments!! Hope you will be linking up with me on Fridays for my Link party- that would be awesome!

  4. Hi, Lucy – Congratulations on the new link up! I’m glad I remembered to check for it. 🙂 Your rockin’ t-shirt is Michael Jackson, I believe, because his personal theme park was Wonderland. I always forget to wear my fishnet and printed sheer socks so I like the reminder. I am always inspired by your creative outfits. They are so fun! Thanks for starting a link-up party – Angie, http://www.yourtrueselfblog.com

    1. Thank you so much Angie- it means the world to me!! I tried to look it up= coz I was sure it was Michael Jackson too…but then I found a site where an artist created these- so now not sure anymore! Yes- wear your fishnet socks as much as you can$I’m happy to inspire you and I love your style too xx

      1. Hi again:) I’m actually searching online and can’t really find anything…The tee says Wonderland by Maylany…Who knows?!

    1. HI Lisa- I adore vintage stuff and have so many collections- and many are from my mom and aunts as well. Thanks for supporting me with the link up- makes me truly happy xx

    1. Hi Shelbee! Thank you so much for supporting me- and your comment is too kind!! xx

  5. These are fantastic outfits Lucy! I love the elephant motif top, and the graphic T-shirt looks fab with the zebra print moto jacket! Thanks for linking up…and congrats on your first link party!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you for supporting me- this is so nice of you!! And thanks for your kind words! xx

    1. I’m so happy with this link up and thank you so much for supporting me:) xx

    1. You’re a sweetheart Chrissy! Thanks so much- I’ll be doing these every Friday- I’m actually so excited!!

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