FABULOUS FRIDAYS- Outfit Challenges and beauty hacks…

Weekend is here! Does that even make any difference these days? We can’t lose track- so we gotta make it fabulous!

This series is all about those things I’ve loved this week (and the one prior since this is my first Fabulous Fridays segment!)- and some maybe a bit less.

 I’m missing my hairdresser terribly!  But I’ve been lucky to have her ship me my root color.  It turned out pretty good (thanks to my daughter who lives with me and is also a hairdresser), and my blow drying wasn’t bad either!

Still on the beauty topic, I learned a nifty hack for applying mascara!  Just bend the tip! You can watch here:

First things, I had a blast during my #chic robes challenge- loved how so many participated! Have also been joining a few other challenges on Instagram.  The Hodge- Podge Challenge-by Audrey of Affectionately Audrey– was such a hoot! 

She’s actually mixing 8 prints here!!

You had to keep adding prints every day to your look.  Not easy- but super challenging and fun!

My #Walkandtalk with Andrea of Living on Cloud Nine, have been few! 

Blame it on the weather!  But I did so enjoy watching those who tagged us.  If you do walk and talk and want to join our movement just tag me @lucybertoldi and @livingoncloudnine  and we’ll put you in our stories.

What else?  Correcting last minute and putting together new lesson plans for summer courses beginning net week.

Oh, here’s a quick and hearty recipe of what I made:

In the crockpot:  onions, chick peas, boneless chicken thighs, potatoes, tomato coulis.  Add olive oil and your favourite spices.  Turn on high for 4 hours.  Voila!

I have to say that the highlight of this week in fashion for me has been learning about this amazing 91 year-old Georgian Fashionista- MUST WATCH!!

See you next week- Have a Fabulous Weekend my Beautiful Divas ,  Lucy xx

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Honour thy Hairdresser…

What do you look for in a hairdresser? Mine is excellent. No. I’m serious. She just gets me. She’s intuitive, fast, fashion forward and genuinely concerned about the health of my hair- and of course- how I feel:)

I need to look stylish and upbeat- while keeping my mane luscious and healthy. I’ve learned that to get all that, you just need to listen to your stylist and…get ready for it: Trust and Obey. That’s right: especially, Obey. Yep- even us hard types MUST learn to do this. So if Cynthia says ‘it’s time to cut, colour, or treat… well, I now Obey.

I learned the hard way. I almost lost all my hair when I insisted on incessantly bleaching it (against Cynthia’s recommendations). I went from : “Wow, who does your hair?!” To: “Woah..wtf happened to your hair?!!”

Thankfully, she did not let me whither away…yes, my hair was now short, but Cynthia put a halt to my commands and started treating it like mad. She also suggested extensions to make me feel and look better. And, soon enough, my hair started growing back…fully and healthy once again.

Now, I get my hair streaked, cut and treated REGULARLY…as Cynthia dictates. And guess what? She’s right! My hair looks GORGEOUS!

If you are ever in the Montreal area (Laval), check out Concept Elite and ask for Cynthia or, the boss herself, Elvira. Both are Fabulous!

Call for an appointment and tell them I’ve recommended! 450- 936-8877

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