LIBRA Fashion Styling- ZODIAC Fashionphile Edition

Hey it’s LIBRA Season! This means beauty, balance and fashion leaders par excellence! Libras are all about balance in every aspect. Watch them walk the room and you can feel them emanating their aura- and sexiness.  In their closet, a Libra can love an outrageously blingy outfit just as much as her most conservative navy... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party – DIY’s, Labour Day, and Dressing Up for the Long Lost Sun…

Labour Day weekend was the last day of sunshine in this part of town- fortunately I had the time for a fun dress-up to head out on the boat! How quirky do I look?!  I’ve officially turned into my flamboyant Venetian Great Aunt lol!!!   And then…that was the last of the sun…Had to change quickly... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Styling Fun Recap & GUCCI

I've been doing so many DIY's these days- I can't remember what to post when! All I can say is that mending, upcycling, repurposing- all that stuff is incredibly therapeutic for me. If you follow me on Instagram @lucybertoldi, you probably saw some of the clothes I re-purposed- if not, here, let me show you!... Continue Reading →

VIRGO Fashion Styling -Zodiac Fashionphile Edition- (New Series)

In this new series (at every change of the moon lol!), we will be entering the world of fashion by examining horoscope signs through styling preferences and looks! I’m here to offer curve-ball inspiration in case you’re in a styling rut. So perhaps getting inspired by the styles of famous Zodiacs might be just what... Continue Reading →

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