Place Your Money Where You Can See it…

Hanging in your closet!  I’ve loved this saying from the first time I heard it!  Jokes aside- there is real value (no pun intended), as to where you actually keep your clothes.  Personally, I prefer open displays of clothing, as in walk-ins, or clothes racks.  

If your closet is a closed version and you also use dressers (and I do have a couple of those myself), that’s really ok…except you have to be more conscious of what you have so as not to forget… or neglect.  Yes, those are the biggies when it comes to your clothes:  Remembering what you have- and actually wearing what you have!

Here are 2 Fun Tricks to Help you Remember what you Own:

Since most of my clothes hang in open spaces (I’ll have to do a closet video on that one day!), I’m able to put outfits together rather quickly.  However, it’s not the case for enclosed spaces…especially my bureaus!  A lot gets forgotten in there.  My scarves get the most neglected- and the messiest always!

  1. So, I decided to change all that, by letting my scarves out to play, in the open!  I used a tall white backdrop that I used for videos and photos, and transformed it.   I made a mural out of my scarves! There was no particular order- they’re just hanging right where I can see them lol!!  Game changer.
All the scarves are basically on hangers. I started hooking from the very top and then just linking hangers onto each other, all the way down. Some are also hanging on the sides.

I highly recommend you do this if you already own a backdrop.  If not, a very large corkboard can also do the trick (depending how many scarves you own).  I’ve also seen people arrange a multitude of hooks on a wall to hang their scarves.  There are so many ideas out there.  And come to think of it…this can also act as a mood board; remember my post on that?!

So besides the fun aesthetic of this idea, it’s actually become extremely useful.  Honestly, ever since I’ve put my scarf wall up, I’ve rediscovered so many lost loves- and finally re-wearing them!  Here’s a fun clip of my scarf wall.

  • I recently wrote a post on Capsules and the importance of putting outfits together this way.  This is a great way to utilize all you have.  There’s another step to this that will forever help you remember how you styled things up, should you want to restyle things:  Take a video while they’re still hanging there! This will be a great reference point- I promise you.  See my clip:

Is this something you would consider doing?  How do you keep track of what’s in your closet? 

#CONFESSIONOFTHEDAY: I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve bought the same accessories over and again, just because I couldn’t remember what I had- or just forgot I had that same piece! It’s precisely that kind -stupidity that forced me to put things out in the open and take clips or pics of my outfits!!


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13 thoughts on “Place Your Money Where You Can See it…

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  1. That scarf wall is divine. I am extremely organized and everything has its place but I am blessed with a large walk in and accessory cabinets. My scarves however are in fabric bins in cubbies so it would be lovely to see them. I may try this. XO

    1. Oh it’s so important to be organized- helps to to keep it all together for my sanity as well. Let me know if you do try it! xx

  2. This is such a great idea! I have so many scarves piled in multiple bins and I can never remember what I have let alone find what I want. I have tried using bamboo ladders as scarf displays which are super cute, but not quite big enough to house all of my scarves! I love this whole scarf wall idea!


  3. I am guilty of buying clothes and accessories that I already have because I forget about them! I love the scarf arrangement! It’s given me an idea because I bought some really nice hooks – for no other reason than I loved them – but didn’t know what to do with them. I can put them in my dressing room (aka the disaster room according to my husband) to hang scarves on! Thanks for sharing at the link up!

    Emma xxx

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