Tribute to Kevyn Aucoin…


On May 7th, 2002, the world of colour and beauty transformation lost one of its greatest artists: Kevyn Aucoin. Famous for his celebrity makeovers, Kevin was not only Hollywood’s makeup maestro- he was also one of the nicest, genuine people to all those who knew him.

I had the special privilege of meeting him briefly in the summer of 1985, in LA. He was doing a photoshoot with Evangelista, and through a connection I was able to pop in and see him in action (albeit like a fly on the wall)- it was a thrilling moment! We exchanged a few words…I remember him mentioning his French name and the whole French thing about me being from Montreal. We then just chatted makeup and looks and off he was back to work. And how I now wish cell phones and selfies existed!!

Here is a tribute to Kevyn- enjoy the clip:)

Part 1

Lisa Eldridge

I’m definitely a Lisa fan and have been admiring her work ever since the Cindy Crawford days of Elle magazine. The looks she develops are as contrasting as it gets- from sci-fi drama glam to primrose debutante. Her every day looks are always perfectly flawless as her cat-walk styles, outrageous. I will be posting some of her videos regularly for learning entertainment. Love her!

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