Honour thy Hairdresser…

What do you look for in a hairdresser? Mine is excellent. No. I’m serious. She just gets me. She’s intuitive, fast, fashion forward and genuinely concerned about the health of my hair- and of course- how I feel:)

I need to look stylish and upbeat- while keeping my mane luscious and healthy. I’ve learned that to get all that, you just need to listen to your stylist and…get ready for it: Trust and Obey. That’s right: especially, Obey. Yep- even us hard types MUST learn to do this. So if Cynthia says ‘it’s time to cut, colour, or treat… well, I now Obey.

I learned the hard way. I almost lost all my hair when I insisted on incessantly bleaching it (against Cynthia’s recommendations). I went from : “Wow, who does your hair?!” To: “Woah..wtf happened to your hair?!!”

Thankfully, she did not let me whither away…yes, my hair was now short, but Cynthia put a halt to my commands and started treating it like mad. She also suggested extensions to make me feel and look better. And, soon enough, my hair started growing back…fully and healthy once again.

Now, I get my hair streaked, cut and treated REGULARLY…as Cynthia dictates. And guess what? She’s right! My hair looks GORGEOUS!

If you are ever in the Montreal area (Laval), check out Concept Elite and ask for Cynthia or, the boss herself, Elvira. Both are Fabulous!

Call for an appointment and tell them I’ve recommended! 450- 936-8877

He’s Got Smoothie Written All Over Him…A Healthy Lifestyle


He looks the part alright…healthy, lean and chiseled – that would be my darling husband. One of his health rituals (more on those another time), is making killer smoothies every morning. He’s been making them for years! Going from runny to lumpy, you could say he’s finally mastered the art. And…has finally gotten rebel-girl-me on board.

It took awhile- but I’m now hooked! For those who don’t know me so well, let me tell you a little about my taste buds…how’s about this; I dream of lazy mornings sipping French Vanilla coffee topped with frothy whipped cream and a dash of Bailey’s; while you’re at it, pass me a cigarette. I know, I know, I don’t look the part. Nevertheless, since I wanna stay strong, healthy and beautiful, that whole French Vanilla-puff-puff fantasy is majorly off-limits and the hugest of no-no’s for me- so…delete!

I have to say, it took me awhile to get on the smoothie ride- as I always found reason to resist (not sweet enough, not cold enough, too early, too late, yada yada). Well, after years of resistance, it turns out I now love DH’s smoothies ( even at room temperature – if you can imagine! Apparently it does wonders for the digestive system- rather than shock it). Well what do you know, he’s converted me!

What’s he put in this stuff anyway?
Not all of his secrets are divulged- but here goes his basics:


Recipe for 2 using Magic Bullet:

1 Banana
Handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 a mango
1 slice of pineapple
3-4 cherry tomatoes
4″ of a cucumber
1/3 cup water

VARIATIONS and / or ADDITIONS (depending on how we feel, what we need and what’s in our stock):

Handful of broccoli
2 slices of either red or green pepper
A scoop of Greek yogurt
Pumpkin seeds
5-7 almonds

DELICIOUS! What’s in your Smoothie?





“Illustration Now! FASHION”, my Review


Illustration Now! FASHION, by Julius Wiedermann – Taschen

Ok…I am just salivating over this new book…What a celebration to fashion illustration!

I’m not the only one that believes art and fashion are of one essence, that’s for sure. But to find a book that embodies this truth- for me- it doesn’t get much better than this.

Written in English, German and French, and filled to the brim with exceptional designer talent; I swear to you, every single page is like candy!

The book begins with a historical timeline perspective of fashion illustration and its importance throughout time. I found this to be such an enjoyable treat to read. Simple, to the point, while being filled with juicy historical relevance. Just the perfect appetizer for the subsequent immersion into a treasure of the most beautiful fashion art by 90 exceptional illustrators from around the world.

I’ll for sure be using this book as a springboard for inspiration in my own art work. In here, there’s no end to the creativity that can be translated through any of your favourite mediums. Vibrant, exquisite colours that just make fashion that much more fun. There’s also a brief biography of the artist and quotes of interest.

Here, I just CAN’T. Gotta show you NOW.






For all you fashion artists out there- and mixed media lovers alike (especially my friends who love drawing whimsical girls) …this is the ONE.

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