Headdresses Exhibit!

Lover of hats and all head pieces that I am- I was in my glory when visiting the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum here in Montreal last weekend. The exhibit: Headdresses from around the World, the Antoine de Galbert Collection, was exquisite! Antoine de Galbert is a French art collector who, for the last 30 or more years,... Continue Reading →

Editing Your Style

Have you figured out your style yet? While most people might think they have, many others are still not quite sure. In any case, rarely is style a down-packed thing. Have you ever thought about why that is? That's mainly because you are either always working on it- or you're on pause. Although analyzing your... Continue Reading →

Comfy Cozy Looks

This Week's Style Diary... The super cold weather here in Montreal had me styling some pretty comfy cozy looks with a touch of chic this week. As well, you all know how much I love a bright print- and yet, these days I've been pining for neutrals and darker hues. On thing that's remained pretty... Continue Reading →

Style Diary

Documenting your looks can be super helpful for both inspiration and for tracking your style evolution. It's also a great way to keep inventory of all that you own- so that you don't fall into a mindless, rebuying-same-stuff, hole over and over again! This can be done not only on Instagram- you can also create... Continue Reading →

Fashion is Cyclical

I often wonder if the saying 'history repeats itself' was actually meant for fashion. Everything we wear or have worn comes from some prior inspiration- and that can go as far back as Antiquity and beyond! Fashion is cyclical. Don't believe me? Send me an image of any clothing item, and I'll root it back... Continue Reading →

The Language of Colour

Today we look at styling through colour- and the language of colour. Yes, dressing up in bright clothes can be fun and trendy- but there's a deeper meaning to it all! Why do you choose to wear certain colours over others? Is it about trends, seasons, morphology, a uniform...? Some colours (as those for specific... Continue Reading →

Paris Street Fashion

Need some styling inspiration? Magazines and social media aren't cutting it? I strongly recommend you hit the city streets and check out what people are wearing...in real life. And what's even more fun is people watching when you're traveling. That's exactly what I did last October when Paris street fashion became my obsession. I snapped... Continue Reading →

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