Fashion Unstitched: Nails as Jewels and Accessories for Hands

Hands can immediately give telltale signs about you; about your health, your age, your style, your wealth, and sometimes even the type of work you do. One thing is certain, there's something hypnotic and attractive about beautiful hands and especially the fingernails that accentuate them. On the other hand (pun intended), there's a total adverse,... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Friday’s Link- Up!

Fabulous Friday and a Fabulous new week for me…Coz I became a Grandmother again!  My second grandson arrived on Monday- and I couldn’t be more excited- I’m bursting with joy!  There is a downside though…due to quarantine, I’m not allowed anywhere near them.  My daughter and husband have to do it all on their own. ... Continue Reading →

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