VIRGO Fashion Styling -Zodiac Fashionphile Edition- (New Series)

In this new series (at every change of the moon lol!), we will be entering the world of fashion by examining horoscope signs through styling preferences and looks! I’m here to offer curve-ball inspiration in case you’re in a styling rut. So perhaps getting inspired by the styles of famous Zodiacs might be just what you need! Should be fun!

Do you dress for your Sign?  I’m by no means a Horoscope expert, but I do love the fun that zodiac associations can bring out! Especially in Fashion. Do you think there’s any relation with how a person dresses, and their zodiac sign? 

September is a month of renewal for me, so I’m beginning with this month’s sign: VIRGO.

Here’s what they say about Virgo:  Firstly, she’s a down to earth, practical kind of girl.  She’s also a Perfectionist- big time.  September fashionistas love earth-toned colours and flattering shapes.  And (this one’s debatable); chic modest looks.  And- although these next particular traits seem to have nothing to do with fashion- they absolutely do:  Virgos are determined, persistent and hard-working.  

I’ve selected my own personal favourite Virgo fashionistas.  See if their style emulates your own.  Even if you’re not a Virgo, maybe you’d like to start dressing like one!

Let’s begin with the queen herself:  Beyonce!  Have you ever seen her look not polished from A to Z?  She looks incredible every single time.  We’ve seen her wearing a lot of gold (which can be a neutral, warm, earthy kind of colour).  Her makeup is never overstated and is perfectly matched.  This woman is unstoppable and her style reflects continued determination to pump out original, top chart material.  Babe Boss.

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My absolute favourite:  Rachel Zoe.  I find her style is completely chic!  Loving the oversized blazers and maxi’s she styles up.  Her hair and makeup is perfection.  Another staple:  Sky-high platforms.  Her look can easily go from day to evening. Love her!!!  Official Babe Boss.

Ok, who’s never heard of Sofia Loren?  Femme Fatale Icon. Her style is definitely sexy, but leaving most to the imagination.  Her look is curated and works for highlighting her best features and assets.  She is the on-point epitome of glamour. Virgo perfection.

Canadian- born, first digital model:  Coco Rocha…who always looks like she has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’- it’s the Virgo in her.  Poised and always looking guarded; which is more like a regal look in the case of this Supermodel.  Sleek, chic and intense poise. Virgo.

Omg!  Can we talk about MAKING AN ERA EPIC?  Twiggy!! She emanated style to the max.  Her doll-eyed makeup and a la garconne style is what made her an icon and delivered her 60’s message.  Twiggy was the 60’s!  Intensity in her style and simplicity- enigmatic to the max.

Grand beauty Super Model: Claudia Schiffer.  Doesn’t even look like she tried…and yet looks impeccably perfect.  Every strand of her hair (whether the look asks for disheveled or not)- is perfection.  Need I say more:  Virgo.

Who doesn’t adore Zendaya.  She emanates style, fashion and power, doesn’t she?  I find her incredibly avant-garde in her styling.  So original- but always wearing what  flatters her most.  Never exaggerated- just rightly one-of a kind.  Virgo.

Nothing goes unnoticed with this next fashionista that I adore:  Pink.  Have you ever seen her go unnoticed.  Her songs, her attitude and her style; all depict her beliefs and what she means.  Straight to the point.  Virgo.

Keeping the best for last:  Iris Apfel. Ostentatious to the max…and yet, how is it that she looks so chic, poised and ever-so creative?!   There is nothing subdued or modest about her style (unless we’re referring to bodily modesty- because it’s true that she never shows much skin lol!)- other than that, Apfel’s look is a designer’s dream come true.  Her look may have lots going on, but true to her zodiac sign, Apfel’s style is curated to perfection…down to the very last accessory.  She is a master genius of fashion creation at its best.  That type of consistency and flawlessness in detail, is certainly typical of her sunsign.  100 % Virgo.

And now for:  Virgo Fashion Designers!

Karl Lagerfeld.  Yes.  Obviously.  And take a good look at his own personal style.  And…Chanel; need I say more?

Tom Ford.  There you go.

Stella McCartney.  Innovator par excellence.

Thomas Burberry.  Right?

Olivier Rousteing.  Up and coming- and here to stay.


1- Stay chic and look laissez-faire.

2. Wear it like you mean it. Stay cool and confident.

3. Be daring- but keep it together.

4. Keep it all in check. Perection and flawlessness is key.



My Conclusion of Virgo Fashionistas:  Breathtaking, in your face, enigmatic, straightforward, unapologetically classy, ruling in their own league. They are top creative leaders in this domain.  Effortlessly feminine and always in control. Hard act to follow.

Are you a Virgo?  What is your fashion zodiac preference? 

Stay tuned for next one up:  Libra.  See ya next moon!


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    1. Oh Michelle I can’t wait for that!!! Anyway- I’m hoping this will be a fun series- light; we all need that sometimes:) Thanks so much hun xx

  1. So fun to take a look at these Virgos, how can we can we all *not* be inspired by them?! I’d wear Beyonce’s 2nd outfit whole cloth (well, with a longer skirt) and I can’t believe Iris hit 99–perfectly curated is right! Thanks for sharing these looks, Lucy!

    1. Oh I’m so happy you enjoyed it- hoping this series will give us all some inspo and put a smile on our faces- we all need it I think! Thanks so much xx

  2. The designers seem to signify Virgo more obviously than some of the talent – maybe it’s because their style of dressing is more simplified whereas a lot of the performers are in costumes? I’d never have had Iris Apfel as a Virgo because she dresses in such a deliberately eye catching, extroverted way! Fascinating series Lucy, look forward to the rest! Thanks for sharing at #WowOnWednesday.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing about Iris! She is so out there with her styling…but maybe these are all misconceptions we have about Horoscope signs! Or, as my daughters would say: YOu have to look at their whole chart…Ya. Whatever!! I’m just gonna write and post as I see it lol! Thanks so much for always being so supportive- love it that you enjoy:) Have a great rest of the week xx

  3. Great inspiration Lucy, love your Chanel jacket as well. Thanks for joining me on #chicandstylish Jacqui x

  4. I don’t follow star signs but I do love the style inspiration! 🙂 Your jacket looks great!

    Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

  5. You look amazing in your jacket and the black dress is amazing! I love your post and Sophia is a fashion icon!
    Thank you for sharing your blog with us on Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday omhgww

    1. Thanks so much! And so happy I found you! Please come linkup with me too on Fridays- I love your posts!

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