Wanna Kick-up Your Style a Notch? Start Wearing your Wanna- be- Kimonos.

Do you wear what most of us call Kimonos- but are actually robes or embellished scarves, kaftans or leisure wear gowns? There are tons of reasons why you should. These are probably the most versatile garments you’ll ever own. These can be robes- but they can be so much more! These loose satiny robes are... Continue Reading →

Covid19 – Busy, Busy, Busy: 10 Tip Challenge to Stop being a Trophy Woman

Seriously, how are we all doing with this new way of living so far?  It was all quite chaotic at the beginning, adapting, re-focusing, shifting it around, re-inventing, and now hopefully…settling in? I really hope we are all slowing down and taking a breather. Are we, though,  really taking the time to breathe, to refocus,... Continue Reading →

THE FRIDAY FASHIONPHILE: What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear During Quarantine?

Fact:  Carrie Bradshaw is my fashion muse.  I’m completely obsessed with her styling.  Where do you think my love for mixing patterns, styles and colors comes from?  And that whole thing with her being a writer…another thing we both have in common. So, as I bring you fashion inspiration here and on my Insta feed,... Continue Reading →

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