Shopping Our Closet for 2020 Spring Trends

Spring is with us, whether Covid likes it or not.  It’s time to take out our brighter do’s, dress up and enjoy family, some rest, paced work- and some nice long walks (around the neighborhood…even if only on the balcony /or backyard!).

Also- since most of us are shopping from our closet (I know I am that’s for sure!)- now is the perfect time to search through our stash for all that’s trending for this Spring.  In my Friday Fashionphile post on: Spring 2020 Trends to Look For, You can refer back to it to get some inspiration and then shop the looks straight from your closet! 

I think besides the disco collar shirts (well I did find something that came quite close!), there are quite a few things that made me reminisce and made my heart skip a beat- so happy to be rekindling with some of these! Here are some Spring Trends treasures coming to ya straight from my most coveted place; my closet of course!

Did someone say Neon?  Why yes, yes they did!  Spring is yelling out loud with this green (and I am loving all the shrills!).

This neon green worn with contrasting psychedelic blue silk harem pants with semi- bustier makes my heart sing:)

Short suits here I come- nothing will hold me back in these adorable looks. I’ve had this beige ultra suede for decades! Story with this one: My aunt shipped me this from Milan (she had bought on a whim and it was too small for her)- She told me to hang onto it forever as it would never go out of style (35 years ago!)…was she right or what? Vintage Supreme.

Can you see the detail on the hems and collar? Like little cut-outs as embellishment- pure love.
And this one was bought in Athens- in a small local boutique where the lady sews all one-of-a-kind pieces! It’s all boucle cotton-silk with gold buttons. It gives me that spring time Chanel feeling!! I really need a tan…

Polka-dots always make me smile!  Cute jumpsuits are my thing! Here I’ve paired it with a satin kimono to give it that extra edge. (Come back next week for a post on Kimono looks- shriekkk! Can hardly contain myself- sorry back to Spring trends for now!)

I find that mixing polka-dots helps add dimension to the outfit, gives a fuller story.

Psychedelic prints have always been my favourites- I’m naturally drawn to this pattern.  What could be cuter than this little dress (that I converted into a top!) in twice the trendiness:  Psychedelic and the other trendy-for-the-Spring- colour: Red.

Wild thing…you make my heart sing… that’s what I feel like when I wear psychedelic prints coupled with the colour red!

I may not have found the exact disco collar shirt… but this will have to do!  Paired it with a 70’s style vest– oh yes- vests are in too!

Were you lucky enough to be a teenager in the 70’s?? I wore this same type of blouse and vest back then- I must try to find that pic! Brings back so many memories! So happy this is part of Spring 2020 trends!

And here come more…  You all know how much I adore this next look right here-I posted this on Insta a few months back- but just couldn’t resist bringing it out for you one more time.  Patter mixing at its best; but it’s the vest I’m coveting!!

I actually wore this in the fall- but had to slide it in here because of the perfect pattern printing with this vest!! Why not for the spring as well?

And here- a vest that can be worn all year round because it’s cotton with flocked velvet.  I adore it paired with these sandals I got in Rome 5 years ago (and never quite wore them enough).

This vest is one of the most versatile pieces I own- I can actually wear it all year long. I find these adorable sandals with red heals and black and white polka dot straps insane!

Remember the days of Crochet tops, dresses, vests…so much crochet in the 60’s-70’s!  Here I wore it with a pair of Bermuda shorts; and although I may not have mentioned in my last post- these too are super in!! Crochet plus bermudas plus animal print; what more can a vintage-loving girl ask for?

I’m adoring the neon animal print bermuda shorts! Feeling a real theme going on here…

Lastly, look how cute this crochet vest looks with a skirt (animal print of course!).  I find it super cute with the yellow flowy top that also has a notion of crochet on the sleeves.

Boho mama! Here for the look, I flipped up the crochet- vest’s lining so you can see the yellow blouse peep through. Let’s get creative in our own way!

So- these are my looks, ladies.  Which trend do you love most?  It may be one that’s missing here that you want to share…please do!

#Confessionoftheday:  I don’t mean to make light of a difficult situation.  I just feel that we can all use some uplifting these days by bringing you my own kind of rainbow through styling. This is my way of hopefully making you smile while distracting you; even if only for a few moments.  Positive vibes blown your way my lovelies.

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  1. I have serious closet envy – I love your style! My favourite has to be the neon green with the harem pants. Stunning! Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday.

    1. Thanks so much- love your style too! I have to say that neon is pretty striking- and I’m totally game for it! Have a great weekend xx

    1. Hi Kellyann! Thank you- and I can say the same about your amazing wardrobe!! Have a great weekend xx

  2. Lucy, I love the way you are sharing positive vibes with us through your very fun style! I want to go explore your closet now. You have so many amazing pieces! I am dying over that neon green and harem pants outfit! What a brilliant sartorial statement. Thanks for linking up with me!


    1. Thanks- so nice of you! I actually love that neon green so much, it peps up my mood! Love linking up!

  3. Hi Lucy!
    Loving the mix of colors, textures and patterns in these looks! I love the shorts/blazer look and may just have to try that! The vibrant green top is stunning on you too. They are all fun pieces and I just love getting excited for new pieces and my clothes styled in different ways for Spring.
    take care,
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. HI Jess:) Thanks for reading my post- so happy you enjoyed it! I love re-styling and getting creative. The shorts and blazer look keeps coming back so I really hang on to mine (love vintage so much).

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