Wanna Kick-up Your Style a Notch? Start Wearing your Wanna- be- Kimonos.

Do you wear what most of us call Kimonos- but are actually robes or embellished scarves, kaftans or leisure wear gowns? There are tons of reasons why you should. These are probably the most versatile garments you’ll ever own. These can be robes- but they can be so much more!

These loose satiny robes are great worn as jackets, cover-ups, dresses (day or evening- and even at the office!), blouses…in fact, the possibilities are countless!

Another wonderful thing about silky lingerie chemises or gowns, is that they can feel so luxurious; light and slippery, the fit is always so pleasant even at the touch. I also love the fact that these wanna-be- kimonos come in so many different motifs and patterns- from pale neutrality to the most deliciously outrageous eccentricity; a choice for all!

There’s also the practicality aspect. Imagine packing the bare essentials for a weekend get-away, or even a vacation. If you include slinky par-dessus in your wardrobe, well let’s just say that cuts the packing to a third. Yes! These babes take no space at all with the plus of giving you a minimum of 3 for 1 different looks. Go from bathing suit cover-up, to jeans and blouse, to a slinky date-night dress- all with just one cover-up.

But if you’re anything like me…one of these beautiful par-dessus will just simply never be enough! I’ll always be swayed by yet another gorgeous design coming my way. I can’t resist and so I’m shamelessly, and forever always on the hunt for the next fix. I love collecting versatile chemises that transform looks and styles.

Watch my interview with the beautiful stylist Karina of Third Eye Babe Here on Youtube:

So, how do you shop for the right look? Check for pattern and fabric quality first and foremost. Meaning; an absolute YES if you find a pattern with colors that make you swoon. That being said- no matter how pretty, never overlook the quality. You don’t want something that easily frays or with constant static cling (that can never be pretty). Look for silk or satin – even blends; just not something that is completely synthetic. Next, do look for vintage pieces- as these are always of better workmanship and quality. Let your heart lead you but be smart about the fabric.

With this in mind, get out there and shop: Thrift stores (lingerie department never disappoints), Vintage shops, Retail, holiday souvenir shops- it’s endless. One thing’s for sure- once you buy that special piece, you’ll be hooked and will want more (you’re welcome). The comfort and look are just too good.

Here are some of the ways I style my par-dessus. If you already own some, please post your looks on Instagram and tag me. I’ll be sure to add you to my stories.

This one I love to wear just about anywhere- any time. Here, I’ve paired it with a long black onesie and mock-neck tee. Always the perfect jacket- and with so many colors and a black base…you can’t go wrong!
Here’s another one I love! This one has a tiny bit of flocked velvet and some sparkles- so I prefer it for a night look. I’m styling with the same onesie as previous pic.
Here it is again, styled with a patterned red pant and belted. See how that just changes it all up?
And this blouse…is actually pj top! Right now it fits all the criteria for Spring trendiness 2020; Neon green, psychedelic motifs, and disco collar. I am crazy about this chemise- it seems that every year it follows some sort of fashion trend- and so it’s always in!
Can we talk about Miu-Miu’s for a minute…In how many incredible ways can you dream up of styling this cutie? Looks like a dress, jumper…fall, summer- you name it; she’s happening!
Speaking of Miu- Miu’s…How about a Kaftan? For me, these all fall in the same styling category. Kaftans, in my opinion, are the epitome of chic, elegance and comfort all in one. Styled this one with a sequins belt and it absolutely goes!
This silver and black slip on pj top is another of my favourites. Imagine this look for the office (it can actually take you right out for 5 a 7 right after.
Here, I’ve paired the same one with black leatherette shorts. How cute is that?

And I know you all wanna know how else to style a cute look for the summer. So here you have it! What’s different about this? Well, I’ve worn it back to front! Yes- you can do that!

If you’re a regular here, the next 2 looks you’ve probably seen before…

The blouse you see under this jumpsuit is actually a par-dessus! How cute is it paired with this reversed polka dot pattern jumpsuit? So as you can see, I love wearing my lounge-wear especially as blouses. They have less of that structured look. It’s more of a laissez-faire look that I prefer.
This black sequin beauty you probably recognize- it’s the no-sew diy I made! I get so many compliments when I wear this one. It was extremely easy to make. (If you want to see how just go to my Instagram feed and check out the DIY highlight).

And there you have it! If you are styling wanna-be-kimonos and posting on Instagram, please join my challenge and tag me @ lucybertoldi. I will add you to my stories.

You can watch my Youtube video on how I styled these beauties HERE:

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25 thoughts on “Wanna Kick-up Your Style a Notch? Start Wearing your Wanna- be- Kimonos.

Add yours

    1. Aww you’re so kind- Thank you! Kimonos are a blast- incredibly versatile. So, yes- get one soon!

  1. Lucy, I love all of your gorgeous kimonos! And you have given me some wonderful styling ideas as well. I have quite an obsession with kimonos as well. I think I probably have about 40 different ones and I am always on the look out for a new one as well.


    1. 40?!!! WOW! I thought I was obsessed! But I so get you…I mean, kimonos can be worn anyway, anytime, anywhere! I’d love to see more of yours- show us please!

    1. Thank you Jill! They really are perfect for layering- they make it so easy to be creative! xx

  2. Wow! You truly blew me away. You styled all of these kimonos so beautifully and uniquely. The next time I wear my kimono out, I know where to go for inspiration! I hope you are having a great day so far and wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. Thank you Maureen! I’m happy to have inspired! You must wear your collection and show me!

  3. Hi Lucy
    What a beautiful collection! You are very inventive in the ways you styled them. Love the leatherette shorts too! I have a few kimonos I enjoy styling and the pj top is a great idea too. I just put one of my pj tops in my closet, as I thought it would make a great shirt! Love your ideas!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  4. So much inspiration here! I love the DIY on the sequined kimono. I know there are so many times I see a fabric and just think it could make something great. Now I know what I can do and I’m excited about it! I was also given a beautiful emerald green satin PJ set for Christmas and I’m now thinking about how to wear the top as something other than PJs. I know I have at least one satiny kimono somewhere in my closet, too (I just need to go through it and find out what treasures are hidden there). I just love your style and all of these looks are so flattering and gorgeous on you!


    1. Emerald green is fabulous- I have one too! I just couldn’t style them all…but I will eventually. Thank you for watching the diy- that one is the easiest ever kimono to make. Show me if you ever make it- would love to see it:)

    1. Thank you! Animal print ones are my faves! You gotta get some and style them up- so fun!

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