STYLING TIP EXERCISE For a Conscientiously Great Fit

Thought this styling exercise might come in handy.  Just because at a time when we fashion lovers need to do the most we can to keep clothes out of landfills- it’s a good idea to put good styling habits back into perspective.  What’s the purpose?

Well, for starters, when you’re well-styled, feel good and the fit is right- chances are you’ll get more (and longer) use of your outfits- and that’s a step in the right direction.  So here are some of the tips for practice that I usually recommend to get the best styling looks while working with what you’ve got!

Let’s do a Getting Styled with Lucy, Exercise.

Part 1:  VISUAL

  1. At home:  Take a LOVING (and I do mean loving) look at yourself and figure out what your best features are.  (And come-on, you Do know what those are).  That will be the first thing to focus on when styling:  Wear what accentuates those best features.
  2. First, browse through magazines, online runways… what attracts you most?  Is it color? Patterns?  What speaks to you (forget the negatives of “Oh I could never wear that.  Bad vibes)”. This is an exercise so go with it. When you’re ready to go shopping, head for local or sustainable designers, thrift or vintage places, slow fashion movement outlets, Then: look for what inspired you.

Huge Point to work on: Let go of your neutrals if you have already a lot of those; go for colour! (Try it vice versa if you’re a color-go-to gal).

More on color theory in another post…for now, just go with what makes your heart sing and brings you joy (Remember Dopamine dressing?  Read more about that here)

  • Now…just by eying it does it look like it might accentuate what you wish it will?  (Example of this could be:  a mini if you’ve got gorgeous long legs; detail in a low cut top that oughta make your girls look even more attractive; mid-calf pants for those pretty ankles of yours; form fitting top that shows off those beautiful straight cut shoulders; for your gorgeous back…a backless dress with detailed attention back there…I could go on and on..).

Part 2:  TACTILE

  1. Now that you’ve zoomed in on what you find attractive and gives you that feel good feeling…hone in on the quality.  If it’s fast fashion…it won’t be made to last. But if you go with designers that are working on sustainability from fibre and textile selection right down to who’s making your garment; you’re on the right track.  Go for quality vs trends!
  2. Once you’ve got that down-packed, feel the texture (after all it will be touching your body, so it may as well feel delightful!).  This is a huge one, because sometimes we may go ga-ga on a print and know it’s well made, but then the fabric is not quite what we had in mind in terms of comfort and drape.


Before we even get into this- here’s an absolute Must:  Make sure you know a great seamstress, or that you know how to sew yourself.  Without this, I’m afraid your look will never be A+.  Make this a priority.

  1. So now you try on baby!  And with that try on comes the determination of if it fits right.  Is it pulling too snug- you need a bigger size.  With the bigger size there’s no more pulling but at places it looks too big…That’s where you need that seamstress, or your own (even if minor) sewing skills!  It’s all about: Adjusting, adjusting, adjusting!
  2. So now that we’re able to make it fit; move around in it.  Is it comfortable or do you feel trapped in a concoction?  You need to be able to move like you were born in it!
  3. You can move!  Are you feeling terrific in it?  That’s where you need to be at.  The mood it brings is Everything.
  4. If something still feels a bit off- RECHECK how well it’s accentuating your best features!! 
  5. Less Is More…

MAJOR TIP here: If something is competing with your best feature; that’s not optimal.  What am I saying?  Example:  Ok- Cleavage looks great, and so do those legs.  PICK which you wanna show:  Legs or cleavage?  Not both.  They will compete and somehow the look gets lost.  Plus, the outfit may turn into one that you hadn’t planned on at all (it could also distract or attract- not sure which is better.  So just don’t).  Trust me on this one.

Part 4:  THE FUTURE 

WHAT OTHER PLANS do you have for this new closet arrival?

Will you only wear it once?  You need to seriously think about this.  In my styling process, I know that NO outfit comes out only once.  You need to be able to wear and re-wear it without it looking old or passe. 

To Keep in mind before you decide to Ka-ching, Ka-ching…

 Are you willing to keep on making it look new?  If so, you gotta have a plan.  We already talked about getting chummy with a seamstress- The next are equally important: 

ACCESSORIZING:  This can make a world of difference in changing it up to keep giving it a fresh and modern look.  Think hats, necklaces; long or short or multiple; new makeup- or hair-do; adding jackets; changing shoes can change a look; changing handbags; adding a scarf…Invest your creativity in this area big time.

WASH/CARE Instructions:  Read religiously.

TIME FOR A FACE-LIFT  Once you’re done with all the aforementioned quick fixes, at some point your outfit may need a face-lift.  Think: Upcycling or refashioning it with a good DIY (keep the seamstress buddy on fast-dial- or try your own!).  I can personally vouch for this one as I am most well-known for how I diy just about all of my clothes – and those of my clients too!).

A NEW LIFE- A NEW BEGINNING:And then comes a time when you just need to say good-bye.  Think of either selling it online; giving it to charity or goodwill; doing a clothes swap; or simply passing it on to a good friend or relative.  The time has come.

Ladies, there you have it!  Following these steps will ensure that you’re happy with your purchase, how it looks, how it makes you feel and ultimately how good it can be for the planet!

Here’s an example of how this exercise worked for me:

This is NOT a top! I just could not pull it down past my hips!!

1-Visual: Mini dress -Having decided that my legs are a good feature- I love prints in hues of blue and burgundy- colors bring life to my face

2-Tactile:  I love the feel of silk- great quality- purchased some 10 years ago in Rome (locally made)

3-Sensory Kinetic:  Draped beautifully- felt so fresh on the skin- breathable.  Definitely a great dopamine feeling when wearing it. 

4-The Future: Done the accessorizing.  Kept it new and fresh by observing the care instructions.  I’m presently at the FACE-LIFTING STAGE. 

So why do I need to give it a face-lift?  Well, firstly I’m not yet ready to give it away for its new life! BUT- it no longer fits (blame the Quarantine!).

DIY it is!  Here’s the result:

Seriously…How cute is this?!

Watch the Video to see how I did this:

And now…ANOUNCING: Favourite Fashion Styling Diva of the Week

I‘ve decided to add this section to my blog!!

Once a week I will be featuring and linking a super stylish lady whose outfit  made me swoon- and will surely inspire you as well.  If you get featured, please spread the love by mentioning it on your own site with a link back to mine.

Today’s Favourite Fashion Styling Diva of the Week is:  Iris from La Moumous

You know I love me some bright color and a good print!  How elegantly superb is this look?!

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20 thoughts on “STYLING TIP EXERCISE For a Conscientiously Great Fit

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I had to give away quite a few sheath style dresses that no longer fit my hips or the girls after I had my second daughter. I wish I would have seen this! Such a great idea!

  2. Love all of these tips! I’ve had “dresses” that I’ve ordered and when they were delivered – they definitely were a disappointment because they were waaaay too short! Super cute idea to style them as tops!


  3. I love how you turned a favorite dress into a tunic. Some excellent tips here Lucy. My biggest fault is buying things that look nice but without considering exactly when and where I’m going to wear them. Dresses for example. I’m not really a dress person. I always think I’ll wear them to work (in normal circumstances) but never do. They hang in the wardrobe taunting me!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my tips! As for dresses, you have to give them a second chance- especially those that you can wear as tunics…makes for an easier transition;)

    2. YOu have to get those dresses out and wear them! They’re absolutely a no-fuss piece all on their own- don’t even need to pair them up- do it:)

  4. Excellent post Lucy! I like the idea that your clothes should be geared to accentuate just one of your assets (if you’re lucky enough to have more than one). That makes sense.

    1. There’s always at least one thing we can appreciate and so we have to use it to our best advantage. Thanks Michelle:)

  5. Lucy, these are such wonderful tips for making the best of your wardrobe! For some reason I keep buying crew neck tee shirts and they look horrible on me because of my large bust. Vee necks are so much better and I know that so I need to make better shopping choices in that area. I usually go for accentuating my legs as often as I can. Thanks for sharing your tips and linking up.


  6. I have so many things in my closet that I don’t wear for one reason or another and these tips are great! Such a good idea to style dresses as tops! And it makes complete sense to focus on buying things that accentuate what you love about your body!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  7. I am a diehard DIYer with clothing (as you may know 😉 )! Did you finish the edge, or are you leaving it raw? The sewist in me would have to finish it! I just got a top (eBay) that I’m going to perform surgery on, haha! Oh, and, I’m uber tactile when it comes to fabrics.

    1. Hi!! Yes you’re a terrific diyer! And- I absolutely did finish it- by hand! if you can imagine (my sewing machine got thrown out during the move and no one knows how that happended…I’ll have to wait for post Covid to go out and get a new one!!).

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