Fabulous Friday’s Link Up: Reflections, More Styling…and a Lip Plumping Trick!

Reflection is an ongoing process…but of not much use unless you push it forward with some action.  I’m pushing myself to learn more and make a difference.  It’s a work in progress.  But I am hopeful.  The key reminder is that we are ALL God’s children.

I’m so happy that this message gets passed along throughout our blogging community – it’s so important!! So I want to thank Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge for featuring it as well!!

As for styling- well it’s been such a fun week of print mixing and color smashing (been keeping my Styling Students on their toes!!).  You can read my post here.


I picked 4!! INSPIRATION, HISTORY, FASHION, and Most Clicked!

1- For an amazing heart-felt, inspirational and urgently needed read– head on over to Ashley’s Blog: Le Style Rouge

2- Do you know the history of Kimonos??  If you don’t you should head over to High Latitude Style and read  Nicole’s post.  It is so interesting!!

3- And for my favourite fashion look:  Check out Shelbee on the Edge’s post here.  Should she really say good-bye to this look…OMG- please keep this and REWEAR, darling, it’s just too good!!

4- Most Clicked site on the Link Party last Friday was: Nicole’s post, from High Latitude Style: 9 Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets How to Get Bikini Ready Such great tips you’re gonna wanna read!!

I can’t tell you how happy I was to be featured on My Bijou Life Online this week…and the reason being that once again the fabulous WOC I wrote about got another shout out!! If you haven’t read my article- check it out here:

And then… I also remembered that I never shared my Lip Plumping Trick with you my fabulous Divas!! How can I forget this.  Honestly, it works like a charm (without injections…well at least so far!).  Here’s the clip for this. 

Let me know if you try it and how you like it!

And now…its time for My FRIDAY LINK UP PARTY!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!Click here to enter

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What Did Lucy Read? The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn- Review

Have you ever read a Kate Quinn book? She writes some of the best historical fiction books ever. I just finished “The Alice Network” by her. Not only do I jump on all her books as soon as they’re out- but as well, this one came highly recommended by Reese Witherspoon for her book club. Reese raved about it. I love Quinn’s books, so here I am to rave about this one myself.

Set about a few years after 1945, The Alice Network (the renowned network of women spies who helped fight the Germans and end WW1), is brought to us through the retelling of Eve’s own life as a spy in that First World War. Eve, somewhere in her late 50’s when she meets the young and pregnant Charlie ( Charlotte) while the latter is on the search for her lost cousin- who is presumed to have died in WW2 ( Charlie is on a mission to prove she isn’t).

The book portrays Eve as a bitter and angry woman for all the danger, abuse and horrors she suffered as a spy. Could the retelling of the history and incidents in her life help Charlie solve the puzzle to find her cousin? There’s much that Charlie learns- about herself, life, the baby she is not sure whether she will keep…she may even find love…enter the Scottish rake, Finn;) And, finally, I can’t omit another pivotal character, the horrible and retched Rene Bordelon.

Running the lives, thoughts and experiences of both these women, by switching back and forth between characters and eras, is Kate Quinn’s specialty. This adds so much tension and need to read more. Quinn sails us through their lives from past to present while we relive both wars and the twists of fate and danger; Let’s just say it makes for an incredibly exciting read. I was totally hooked.

But what grabbed me the most though, was that network of spies that Eve was a part of. Women who dedicated their lives, their being and self for true patriotic commitment to their country; Especially the ring leader who is the focus of The Alice Network. A commemorated and glorified heroin, Louise de Bettignies, a real historical figure, is highlighted by Quinn throughout the book. In fact, most of the characters in The Alice Network are based on true historical figures. Most of the scenes that help tell the story are also factual; taking you back to the times, making you feel like all of it really did happen.

I became obsessed with this book, which led me to doing my own researching afterwards. It fascinates me when I think about the power and strength that can grow within a network of women committed for a truly good and heroic cause. Dismissed as frail and feeble minded, they trudged on and fooled everyone by becoming the greatest spy network ever -still talked about today.

A quick and fast-paced read- You gotta get this book.

#confessionoftheday: snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to finish those last twenty pages.

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