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Lover of hats and all head pieces that I am- I was in my glory when visiting the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum here in Montreal last weekend. The exhibit: Headdresses from around the World, the Antoine de Galbert Collection, was exquisite!

Antoine de Galbert is a French art collector who, for the last 30 or more years, has been collecting the most brilliant headdresses from around the world.

The collection exhibited the most darling hats for children; headdresses for brides and grooms; traditional head pieces; warrior and royal headpieces. The list goes on. I was mesmerized in the beauty of it all. I also enjoyed that the exhibition had video clips of people from around the world still wearing these traditional headdresses today. Oh the splendour and the glamour- pure unfathomable beauty.

If you are in Montreal, or visiting, you should absolutely take advantage of seeing this exhibit- especially if you’re a fashion history buff! Anyone who delights in the history of dress and has an interest in fibres and textiles- this will be pure heaven for you!

The exhibit is on until March12th.

Here are some photos that will surely delight you.

There’s also a video game activity where you can create a drawing of your own headdress and then they send you the result by email. The activity is mostly for children, but the creative in me enjoyed it anyway. Here’s the result.

I’ve always found headdresses and hats to be unique statement pieces for styling choices. They can be a focal point or just the right touch that seals the look to its completeness. Here’s me in a few different headdresses. What I’ve noticed in all this is that each and every one completely redefines my style. Take a look.

Do you wear hats or headdresses? I’d love for you to post some of your looks in the comments below- meet you there!

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