Fashion Unstitched: Nails as Jewels and Accessories for Hands

Hands can immediately give telltale signs about you; about your health, your age, your style, your wealth, and sometimes even the type of work you do. One thing is certain, there's something hypnotic and attractive about beautiful hands and especially the fingernails that accentuate them. On the other hand (pun intended), there's a total adverse,... Continue Reading →

STYLING CONFESSION: Why I Love the Coastal Living Look- But Not Its Sexist Trending Name…

I'm blessed to be a grandmother. I also happen to live by the water. I love both of these things about my life. But according to brand marketing and specifically for trends and retail purposes, I need to be categorized: A grandmother living by the water= Coastal Grandma. And boom you've got a trend! Automatically... Continue Reading →

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