AGEISM Part 2: Fashion for Older Women??

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In last week’s post I talked about the beauty industry and how the media dictates what we should look like- and how that’s totally up to women to decide when it comes to our beauty. And that the only opinion on this subject that is worth a care, is our very own!

Today I want to address Fashion and trends relating to aging.

What is fashion for older women?  Do you know?  There is some sort of an idea…a conclusion of sorts – where someone, somewhere has dictated this to us and has been forever trying to standardize this for all ‘older women’. 

The reality is that ‘fashion for older women’ CANNOT be standardized – unlike, say, garment sizes.   For example, let’s look at sizing for toddlers’ and children’s clothing.  There’s an actual need for standardization for the sake of the production cycle and labelling, so that one can easily go into a store and purchase a specific size depending on the child to be dressed.  This is practical, easy and makes sense.

Besides sizing, garment categories are the main types of classifications there are in the fashion industry:  Loungewear, sportswear, evening, cocktail, business, children’s wear…to name a few.  This gives us a gauge as to what to wear depending on the occasion, event, or even time of day. 

There is no such thing as the category: ‘Older Women’.

Unfortunately, there is however, a general opinion out there about what ‘older women’ should or should not be wearing.   By speaking out against this, change is happening.  For a very long time women have been fighting for rights.  But the 60’s, especially, propelled us to levels we never thought we could get to…and it’s thanks to those very women that our voices are finally being heard.  And now, women continue to want and get change.

When it comes to fashion, we don’t need anyone telling us what and how to wear anything. We must be our own standard of how we want to look and portray ourselves.   This too is a communication tool. The goal is not to look younger (although sometimes that might be the result)- but the real intention is for us to feel good and to look our own personal best- to ultimately see ourselves as beautiful.  # Dopamine Styling

That being said:  Break the rules!  Wear what you want and what you love.  Defy the regimented nonsense that is continually thrown at us by the media, and those who gulp it up!  Can you imagine if we were still listening to those same fashion rules that our mothers and grandmothers went by (similar rules still apply btw)? We would never even own a bathing suit, or shorts, or even pants!!  So, let’s wear the mini (or the maxi!) and the backless, or cleavage no-no top! 

The choice is OURS.  And the more we play by our own rules- the more we change the stereotypes and attitudes towards aging.  And- ultimately, the more we render aging inclusive in not only fashion, but in everything that wants us to fade away in silence.

I don’t know about you, but until my heart stops beating, I’m here, I’m visible, I’m relevant and, I wanna wear it all!  Your thoughts?

This shorts/skirt is the most comfortable and versatile piece for the summer! Feeling fresh, stylish and completely free- I love this look so much. Both lace and florals combine the ultimate in gorgeousness since the beginning of time…Proving that beauty is in essence, timeless!

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22 thoughts on “AGEISM Part 2: Fashion for Older Women??

Add yours

  1. Oh, Lucy – what a stunner this outfit is! Check you out, girlfriend, in your hot-pants with the peekaboo skirt, just rockin’ it!

    You know I agree – I’ll wear whatever I damn well feel like wearing, thank you. Where does this idea come from, that once we’re over 30…40…50…60…70…that we have to conform to dressing a certain way? Why is it considered by some (who are these “they”, anyway?) to be inappropriate when a woman shows her body when she is a certain age? I’m 53 and I don’t see many younger women who dress like me (well, I don’t see many people period who dress like me, lol), so why shouldn’t I play with trends and colours? I am way more confident now than I was when it was “appropriate” for me to wear this stuff.

    I remember one of my grandmothers being very much in that “church lady” mode: pastel cardigans, twee brooches, always very modest. I knew I did NOT want to look like that. Then there was my other grandmother, who dyed her hair red and wore wild colours and funky jewelry. Yeah, THAT is how I want to look when I’m “old”. I do the calculations now…and I’m older than they were at the time! I wonder what they would think if they saw me with purple hair, tattoos, bright colours, skirts up to here (and down to there). I think one would be aghast…and the other would be cheering!

    Lucy, I love these articles! If you need someone to interview, drop me a line.

    1. Oh Sheila I couldn’t agree more!! And I love it when the women in our family influences us on fashion! For me it was my grandmother who was 4ft 10 and Extremely fashionable and my aunt who was flamboyant to the max. They certainly had a huge impact on me. I will for sure email you!! xx

  2. You are the living proof Lucy that we can wear what we like and look fabulous for any age, not just “our age.” Fashion is universal, there’s no reason why a woman of 80 shouldn’t wear her version of a latest trend. Loving your ageism series! Thanks for linking x

    1. Thanks Gail- I think the same about you! I love how you say fashion is universal- I actually think this is the key word to latch onto! Thanks my friend- you just keep on inspiring!

  3. It’s taken me years to figure this out, yet it’s SO freeing to get to this end result!!
    I just had this discussion on my blog when Lesley wore shorts. How sad that so many women won’t wear them anymore because it’s not appropriate (as well as not liking their bodies anymore).
    It’s good we spread the message!!
    PS. BTW, I adore this outfit. Head to toe fabulousness!!

    1. YOu and I are always on the same page Jodie! And this truly has to be a mission- because too many women are settling to not enjoy anymore all the things that brought them joy- and justifying this by age. We’ve got to stop this negativity-We’ll get there! xx

  4. I want to wear it all, too, Lucy! And by gosh, I will! I remember when I was in my 30’s, my sister told me she was embarrassed to be seen in public with me because I dressed like a teenager, according to her. Strangely, I took her words to heart and stopped wearing the things that I really love. Less than a decade after that comment, my sister was urging me to start a fashion blog because of my unique sense of style, also according to her. And now I wear all the things I love even if it is the same stuff that a teenager may choose and my sister is no longer embarrassed to be seen in public with me. In fact, she enjoys the rare opportunities to take my photos for me now! I guess she and I have both come a long way with our attitudes about personal style. I am loving this outfit on you, by the way! I really like the drama of the floofy train over shorts! So fun!


    1. I love this comment Shelbee! It proves that we can all grow and accept styling and trending it all! Love that your sister is now on board- another plus that comes with aging happily!

  5. HI Lucy!
    I agree totally, we should wear what makes us confident and feel good about ourselves. Fashion is expression and it would be boring if we all dressed alike! I dont believe in wearing only certain things as we get older.
    I love your outfit! The shorts/skirt are dramatic and I love it! You have great legs so, heck yeah!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Oh Jess- you always make me smile! I agree totally! And thanks for the compliments- so sweet!

  6. First off, I love this shorts / maxi combo! This is such a cute outfit!

    I tend to be totally oblivious to what society expects of me, but I know that I have this luxury because I am no longer a member of the workforce. Sadly, that is where expectations for women are enforced, and it’s women of any age. For the young women it’s the expectation that they smile, be sweet, and dress in a way that men find attractive. Grrr. The expectation for older women is that they look and behave like somebody’s grandmother. In both cases, the expectation does not see women as individuals, only as someone to be molded. It’s especially sad when women jump on the bandwagon and try to tell other women that they should mold themselves to society’s (aka men’s) expectations.

    Important topic!


    1. I think you nailed it Michelle…It’s really upto us women to break these false notions and ‘expectations’. Thanks!! xx

  7. Hi Lucy! I’m with you 💯 on this topic – please ladies, just wear what makes you feel your very best self and reflects who you are on the inside! Gorgeous outfit as always on you, I adore your personal style. Always open to collab with you on this note important topic.

  8. Lucy, Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend! It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week’s party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

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