Fashion- Related Books: Reviews

Fashion- Related Books: Reviews

I’ve had the pleasure- and I really mean pleasure, of devouring some really good fashion books as of late. Let me get right down to it:

Iris Apfel- my dearest all time favourite icon has a book out: IRIS APFEL accidental icon- Musings of a Geriatric Starlet

Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon by [Iris Apfel]

This book is absolutely delicious. True to Iris style, the book is as colourful and entertaining visually as it is to read. Do not confuse this one as a mere coffee table book (I mean it’s gorgeous enough to be that)- but it’s way more. This is a delightful read into Iri’s life with some preciously detailed moments – both of her personal and business life. I honestly couldn’t put this one down. So many passages that had me discovering new things about Iris and I can’t rave enough about the nostalgia it stirred within me. It made me long for glitsy New York times. I love this woman’s spirit and her no-nonsense way of looking at things. Delightful!

I highly recommend this to all unique fashionistas with a flare for originality- and to everyone else out there- because she is incredibly real, fun, pragmatic and ever- so relatable!!!

Next one of my list: Bill Cunningham: Fashion Climbing

Could not put this down! Cunningham, the genius force behind the columns! More than a street fashion photographer and fashion reporter, Bill set the trends and pace for fashion. Everyone wanted to be photographed by him! But before that, what was his story? Oh this is so much fun to read!! Hat designer and creator firstly as well as store visual merchandiser- Bill talks about how all that fanned out for him. He writes such a humorous memoir filled with incredible details of fun and mischief. So down to earth and ready to take chances out of any situation- his life is so colourful and amazing. He brings in society, politics, disco- he pulls this altogether as we take a ride into his world. More than a fun read, you will adore the sense of history and be drawn right into his life. You will love this!! A real love affair with fashion.

This one makes me so happy!!! Fashion Quotes- Stylish Wit & Catwalk Wisdom

You’ve seen me use a quote from this one last week in my post: Be Unique…Fashion Quotes I Will Fashionably Live By This little gem is not only delightful, but also so enlightening- especially when you consider the eras the quotes were written in. Different perspectives on fashion depending on the times makes these more than just mere quotes. If you dig deeper and put it in context, the meanings can be totally re-interpreted, depending on one’s own perspectives. This is probably why quotes are meant to live forever as they are so adaptable (for the most part..and if not- well how interesting is that?!). Fascinating little book which I’ll not only read for the fun of it- but I actually have a whole series based around it! Anyone who loves fashion will for sure relate to this! Love it!

The next three books are more professional in nature- but no less engaging and interesting for anyone with a flare and love for both history and fashion.

Dr. Ingrid Mida’s: The Dress Detective: A Practical Guide to Object-Based Research in Fashion

There is so much that can be learned from history through the study of fashion apparel. How people lived, fought and loved, are only a few of the things that can be discovered by looking deeply into what may seem to be but an ordinary dress of the past. Dr. Mida proves how effective minute research in this area can be both beneficial to uncovering a multitude of clues that draw you right to the depths of the most intimate part of a person’s life. True detective work, with all the steps involved in really looking and ‘seeing’, to ultimately discovering. Prior to this book, I had never stopped to think of how such details (or the research method) in pursuit of these, could lead to the vast possibilities of revealing the most incredible discoveries!

This book will be of utmost value to anyone who loves both fashion history and apparel- it brings a different dimension to the way we look and appreciate what people of the past actually wore. It helps bring the human aspect even closer, rendering history all the more fascinating. I’m definitely incorporating parts of this book into my teaching of fashion history. But there’s also pure pleasure in reading and discovering all the goodies in this book, just for the fun and interest of it all.

Next: Do you love both Fashion and Art? If so, you’re going to love Dr. Mida’s, Reading Fashion in Art

I’m not sure if fashion junkies are alone in noting that everything in fashion is paralleled by, or submersed into, art? If you have never really pondered on that, I suggest you start observing – And – what better way than doing so than by referring to this magnificent book! Truly an awakening on how to really appreciate works of art and their defining of culture and society through art and fashion. Two realms that seemed independent of each other are truly intertwined. This book’s analogy certainly helps give us clarity and better understanding of people and their lives specifically by reading fashion in art. I truly enjoyed the spark this book lit up for me- from one chapter to the next. Not only is Reading Fashion in Art visually splendid, the way it is analyzed and broken up for us to truly appreciate and understand the contents and the relevance of such a study, is what did it for me. I shall for sure use this one in my History of Fashion Courses. But not only that! I can only imagine how all this info will surely entice many conversations for fashion lovers alike.

Next: For all you fashion up-cyclists out there, here’s a twist on things; why not try some upbeat mending!

Mend! by Kate Sekules is a book like no other. No seriously, I really didn’t know what to expect, other than a guide to get me started on Visual Mending (or VM as she calls it). Instead, I got so much more than that! I learned about the history- of mending and stitching and the people behind it- creators too. This was so insightful, because believe me when I tell you that such historical information is incredibly hard to find – or for the most part- nonexistent. All this detailed info written in such a fun, easy-to-read manner, had me devouring this book in 2 days. Obviously the book will stick around me for more than that, since now I can’t wait to get started with the stitching practice part!

You all know me to be crazy about transforming and DIY’ing all my clothes and that which I thrift- so it’s no lie that this is just feeding my addiction like nothing else these days. My Mom was an Invisible weaver (mender) and through her I learned this almost-lost art. Now I’m thrilled to apply more VM to beautify and personalize my craft. Will also be using this book in the workshops I give at school. I’m so motivated- what a terrific book!

What books have you been reading lately?

#Confessionoftheday: I’m totally addicted to fashion books- of any sort. Seriously I want to own them all. Whether it’s for reading pleasure; teaching source; decorating; cutting up for projects; antique collecting. I always have a reason- and honestly- I’m not looking for a cure!


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  1. This sound like great books! I’d love to read the Iris Apfel one! there’s a documentary about her too, I love her style! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂 The rain has stopped and it’s been sunny and warm since our 3 day lockdown was lifted which is nice 🙂

    1. Oh you really should Mica!! Apfel’s book is a quick red and visually gorgeous! I enjoyed reading all the tidbits about her life! Have a great weekend xx

  2. I love how passionate you are about fashion and its role in history, literature and art! Some very addictive looking books here. Can’tr wait to see what you create with “VM.” Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday lovely Lucy! x

    1. Oh thanks so much! I will really try to start some mending projects- it looks like super fun. And I guess I really am passionate about all this artsy stuff lol! You made my day xx Have a great weekend!

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    1. I lovd reading them , so I loved sharing them! And- yes, you would adore the Iris book! Thanks so much xx

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