Be Unique…Fashion Quotes I Will Fashionably Live By

Happy 2021 and welcome to my first installment of Designer Quotes I Will Fashionably Live by! I’ve decided that for 2021 I would start posting some designer quotes I love and quill some thoughts about these, here on my real estate:)

Because I’m a fashion addict and truly love what I do in this field; from Styling, to Teaching, to DIY’s- I thought this is just a natural development into how we think and feel within the whole fashion concept and- dare I say- world! So join along with me and leave me your comments and thoughts on these musings of mine. Should be fun!

The quotes are all taken from this new little gem of mine (which I just can’t live without- it’s my new fashion partner in crime lol!): Fashion Quotes- Stylish Wit & Catwalk Wisdom

TODAY’S QUOTE: “You weren’t mass-produced, so be unique”, by Manolo Blahnik

This spoke to me immediately. I thought about fast fashion. How there’s not much uniqueness in clothes that are mass produced. And yet, the problem is not only the clothes per se that cause the clone effect…it’s actually the styling! Instead of buying more, why not just get more creative with what we already own?

Manolo is on point when he says we need to be unique. That is the only way to enjoy fashion, creativity and originality.

Be unique my friends! Try looking at clothes in a different way and leave your comfort zone. What’s the worst that can happen? (I’m sure there’s a great quote in my little book for this!).

To go with this post I decided to style up a jacket which can seem pretty difficult to match. The usual and easiest way would be with plain black- but you know I’d never settle with that! The best way to keep the look unique is to pair it up with something that’s just as wild on its own but with a color that would tie the two together.

And that’s just what I did by pairing this flowered jacket with a polkadot dress (ironically, there’s black in both;) Proves that you really can wear a loud jacket on repeat! All you have to do is give it an even louder match. Both looks ae pretty unique- and it feels right- it’s me!

So when in doubt-be unique! Add an accessory; wear it backwards; tuck; mend; add a layer…do what you need to do to change a look and make it interesting and fun again.

#confessionoftheday: Guilty as charged for having fallen for the mass-produced clone effect…nowadays though- it’s a conscious decision to feel like “Me” when I wear anything at all. I try as much as possible to rewear and refashion. I wear what feels good- feels right.


I love this blogging community so much! And I know how much goes into writing every single post, every single week. It’s a dedication thing. And- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. So we put our everything in it! Please take the time to check out these wonderful bloggers and what they have to say. It’s good for everyone:)

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23 thoughts on “Be Unique…Fashion Quotes I Will Fashionably Live By

Add yours

  1. Awesome quote! And I love your wild, flowered jacket with the polka dot skirt.

    Fast fashion is a conundrum. I genuinely love some of the styles that come from “fast fashion” producers, and I honestly never buy with the expectation of wearing it only a few times. I usually keep pieces for years. And sadly, sustainable fashion is simply out of the price range for many. In any case, since I’ve started hanging out with fashion bloggers, my closet is full. LOL! I need a yellow top or two, and then I shouldn’t need anything else for quite some time.

    1. I get you Michelle! Thrifting is the solution- and your closet can always be filled with gems:) xx

    1. Thanks Mireille, you are such a sweetheart- thanks for watching and reading. I appreciate you! xx

  2. That’s a great quote. Good idea for a series on fashion quotes! I like what you’ve done with the floral jacket – it is a challenge with such an impactful piece, and good to show your individuality rather than just going for black!

    1. Thanks for your support- it means the world to me! Showing your uniqueness is also staying true to yourself- love that:)

  3. Lucy, what a fun idea for a series of posts! I do love a good fashion quote and what a great one you chose for this post. I have never had much luck blending in and looking like a clone of others…and I have even tried to do that at certain periods of my life. I have long since given up and wear what makes me smile! Your outfit is fabulous and the pattern mix is totally on point!


    1. Thanks you!! And wearing your smile is probably the best idea yet- an obvious one that we don’t always think of! It’s a great natural facelift too for me lollll xx

  4. That’s a great quote that can be applied to so much in life both fashion and otherwise. Great outfits too. Thanks for sharing, and happy New Year Lucy!

  5. I love this quote, Lucy, and this will be fun to follow! I’ve used a few quotes myself and they kind of bring us down to earth. Being unique is SO key for a true fashionista, and that describes you perfectly, my friend! Happy new year!

    xx Darlene

    1. Darlene you’re so kind! I think it should be fun- anything that’s an inspiration is always good in my books. Happy New Year to you as well:) xx

  6. that’s a great quote and statement jacket! You wear it so well! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

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