Thoughts on ‘Chic’ and ‘Elegant’: Fashion Quotes to Live By

“Chic is no longer synonymous with elegance…The new fashion is unconstrained, bold, solid and realist.” By…. 

I’ll reveal the author a bit later- and you’ll understand why.  But at face value, how relevant is this quote?

All is in the word ‘elegance’.    If elegance is a behaviour, reflecting grace, poise and so on- than I think you the statement is false- because you can’t be chic without elegance!  Now- if elegance refers to the quality and allure of the clothing you are wearing then I agree: you don’t need elegance to be chic!

For purposes of this quote, I’m pretty sure fashion wanted to rid itself of clothing that were both stuffy, restrictive and referring to class status.  BECAUSE the quote was written by Vogue pre -WW2!! ” Chic is no longer synonymous with elegance…The new fashion is unconstrained, bold, solid and realist.” By Vogue 1936

So back then, there was a need to break away from the stuffiness and class distinctions.  Fashion was going through so many cultural changes- and – it was also the upcoming of Hollywood.

Today, we can certainly be chic without any stuffiness or class distinctions.  You can be chic in a tee-shirt and jeans- style is everything.  And that’s what’s key- it’s all about style over fashion.  As for elegance- it’s all in the style, poise and mannerism.  That my Darlings,  never goes out of style!

In today’s LOTD- I find this cute loungewear look quite chic, bold, unconstrained and realistic- just like the quote! Velvet yoga pants and this divine Bellelily Tee Shirt! I love Blondie! It definitely is all about chic style!  😊


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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Chic’ and ‘Elegant’: Fashion Quotes to Live By

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  1. You are so cute! Love the leopard Blondie tee paired with the velvet pants! I’m all about comfort these days!


    1. Hey Carrie:) Yes, I guess these days it’s all about comfort but keeping it chic! Have a great weekend xx

  2. It’s interesting all the ways humans use to try to create a social hierarchy. Very good distinction between “things” and behavior. In my experience, some can appear elegant due to their attire and be totally lacking in any positive attributes. You look adorable in your Blondie t-shirt!


    1. Oh I totally agree with you on this point!! And thanks for the sweet compliment xx Hope you are feeling fine and resting my friend. Wishing you a great weekend xx

  3. Super cute tee, Lucy! And what a fun analysis of that WW2 fashion quote. I remember even when I was a kid how much class distinction occurred based on our clothing. I loved thrifting then when it wasn’t so cool. Now I love that most people cannot tell the difference between a $500 blazer and a $10 thrifted one. Style is all about attitude, in my opinion. If you have the right attitude and wear a confident smile, you can pretty much look good in anything!


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