Becoming Vintage…

So much can be said on this topic- but today I'll stick to the basic notion that everything that survives passed decades has the chance to classify as Vintage. That means that it's not only brand names or couture that make the cut. It's primarily about standing the test of time...Any of your clothing items... Continue Reading →

Dopamine Styling – Because Dressing Should Feel Good! (Part 2) Intro to Dopamine Styling Do you wear what trends dictate? Do you wear only what you think is appropriate for your age- occupation- status (fill in the blanks)? Sometimes all that is actually necessary...but it doesn't mean that even so, you can't enjoy it! When you love how you look (no matter the circumstance),... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on ‘Chic’ and ‘Elegant’: Fashion Quotes to Live By

“Chic is no longer synonymous with elegance…The new fashion is unconstrained, bold, solid and realist.” By….  I’ll reveal the author a bit later- and you’ll understand why.  But at face value, how relevant is this quote? All is in the word ‘elegance’.    If elegance is a behaviour, reflecting grace, poise and so on- than I... Continue Reading →

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