Dopamine Styling – Because Dressing Should Feel Good! (Part 2)

Intro to Dopamine Styling

Do you wear what trends dictate? Do you wear only what you think is appropriate for your age- occupation- status (fill in the blanks)?

Sometimes all that is actually necessary…but it doesn’t mean that even so, you can’t enjoy it! When you love how you look (no matter the circumstance), you naturally start to feel and behave in a more positive way. And, if that brings you joy, then it becomes an all-around feel good thing.

So this being the ‘Love and Feel-Good Month’, lemme ask you: Does what you wear make you feel good? It should. And I’ll go as far as saying, if it doesn’t, then make it happen! This is essential for both, how you feel and emanate, as well as, how others perceive your energy. (Read Part 1 HERE)

Loving all that sparkles! (Read Part 1 HERE)

If you’re not a paid model, who’s just showcasing whatever is pinned on you, then there’s no reason for you to not make the right ‘fun and happy’ choices when it comes to your styling. Keep this in mind when shopping!

Too often we dress for the part, regardless of how it makes us feel, without questioning if any of it brings us any joy. That will show in our appearance. Wearing something ‘just because…wtv reason’ doesn’t work in the long run. It’s not conducive to achieving and growing into your own style- something that really feels like you wanna feel is you.

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I’ve been working for awhile now on incorporating looks, colors, fabrics, cuts and styles- into my wardrobe; making ‘happy- feel good’, my primary objective. It might sound very basic and logical, but it’s not always as clear cut as that! You have to give it a try and see what I mean.

Pick out one item from your wardrobe that you absolutely love, and ask yourself what it is that makes you smile and wanna wear it? Then, hang onto that feeling and see if you get that with another of your pieces. Keep going with that exercise, and you’ll soon find out there’s a pattern. It could be the color, the style, or maybe the compliments you got…

Because I’m fascinated with this topic – which I will be exploring in more depth- I’ve come up with a fitting Hashtag: #dopaminestyling. I will be adding it to all my blog posts. This also means that I will be making a conscious effort to ONLY style up that which brings me joy!


To start off what will be an on-going-challenge- I would like it if this week you would pull out pieces of your wardrobe that bring out that dopamine feeling! Then, Please join me in including #dopaminestyling within your Instagram post and Tag Me @lucybertoldi. I will then add you to my INsta stories. As well, I’ll showcase you all in a follow up blog post! I can then turn this into a series!

This is a vintage Muff-handbag from the 40’s! it’s truly divine

Here’s a clip about me talking about Dopamine Styling and why I wanna do this!

So here’s to #Dopaminestyling my Lovies! Flaunting red and wild print, mixed with some vintage fur and some cool shades…just because ‘Dressing should feel Good’!

I made those fur cuffs!!

#Confessionoftheday: My easiest go-to-dopamine booster is red- and if you just can’t get away from black or white; mix in some red for some instantaneous bold, beautiful and powerful energy. But more important, it’s especially magnetically cheerful!!


I love this blogging community so much! And I know how much goes into writing every single post, every single week. It’s a dedication thing. And- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. So we put our everything in it! Please take the time to check out these wonderful bloggers and what they have to say. It’s good for everyone:)

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23 thoughts on “Dopamine Styling – Because Dressing Should Feel Good! (Part 2)

Add yours

  1. Wowza I love how you mixed prints here! You look amazing! I have never been to Montreal and I am Canadian! Tranplanted to the US many years ago…I was born in Alta and raised in Vancouver. My mum lives in Calgary. I hope to get to that side when the restrictions ease.


  2. I love this philosophy, Lucy. I so enjoy your “fun and happy” style!! Yes, color does make a HUGE difference in how I feel. Even when I had to dress traditionally as an administrator in education–that means suits and blazer outfits–I always added a touch of color, like a bright yellow blouse or patterned sweater, so my outfit looked like ME. I remember being in a room full of black suits, and being the only one in a patterned brown suit with burgundy patterned top and accessories!! Lol!

    xx Darlene

  3. Lucy! You know I am so on board with this idea! AND I love a good challenge! It’s funny, you’d think it’d be easy to only wear what you LOVE – but it so not the case. As we come out of this crazy pandemic, I want to try to only wear what really makes me feel happy! So I am down with you my style sister! Your outfit BTW is so incredibly fabulous with a 60’s twist.
    I can’t wait to see what the ladies out there put together!

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne!!! I really hope you tag me when you wear your happy mood styles- love what you wear always! xx

  4. Great idea Lucy. I’m a big believer in colours and texture bringing joy. A lot of folk have got into a beige rut wearing hoodies and joggers and they’re missing out on the mood changer they could get from your dopamine dressing!

  5. I do love wearing colourful pieces – usually accessories, but I have been trying to introduce more colour to my wardrobe too -as you pointed out even something as simple as wearing a touch of red can be a real mood booster! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂 We are having a quiet day today, after celebrating the lunar new year yesterday with family.

    1. MIca, I love your comments- you’re so kind. Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it. And I’m happy the article inspired you xx

  6. I love the idea of dopamine styling, Lucy! What a fabulous outfit in red and black! All the patterns are so brilliant together and this is my favorite color combination ever. It always make me happy in its boldness. I am definitely emotionally attached to most everything in my closet. But I do have some things that annoy me and when I rediscover them in the closet, I get rid of them now.


    1. Haha! Good for you in this purging exercise- I wish I was able to ger rid of mine a bit more readily…too much attachment to things (well..precious things in my closet ya know lol!) xx

  7. I totally get the concept of dopamine styling and the hashtag is a fabulous idea. Be on the lookout for my posts and thank you for joining my link-up.


    1. I do want to see your posts Rena!! Gonna go now actually! Happy you like the hashtag- it’s a fun one. Have a great weekend xx

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