Is Your Lizard Brain Paralyzing Your Style?

Did you know that on the completely opposite side of Dopamine Styling, there’s such a thing as Lizard Brain? This is the part of the brain that pretty much impedes you from going out there and enjoy- or – feel any dopamine at all. Just like a lizard, it senses danger and fear and, ultimately paralyzes. Let me explain.

Your lizard brain is pretty much the nickname for the ‘amygdala’ or part of the lymbic system- well I’m no psychologist- but it is very real. This is what makes you feel fear, holds you back- keeps you from trying things or be daring at all. The lizard brain tells you that you should not try anything different- you should be scared! Worry! Don’t try! Because if you do: you will fail miserably- or it could be dangerous. This part of the brain is always in survival mode concerned about the worst that can happen. This can be extremely useful if danger warrants…otherwise, what a pathetic hold the lizard brain can have on us.

But this is a fashion blog so how does this relate for us here? And what does this amazing outfit have to do with any of this??

Well… when it comes to your own personal styling, if you let the lizard brain get the best of you, you will never evolve or try anything new. This can bind you into a rut. This can also define your style without your opinion or consent- making you believe there is no other choice but to keep on choosing the same looks over and over again.

How can you recognize if you are slave to your lizard or reptilian brain? Notice the feelings that hold you back from trying new colours, trends, shapes and patterns. What are you telling yourself? Notice what you think of your body, age and limitations. Is this realistic- or is it based on some sort of fear? If you’ve felt this way before- rest assured, you’re not alone- we all have and continue to feel this way at times. So today I choose to wear this! NO strings attached and I don’t care about that voice that’s trying to convince me I shouldn’t!

Change doesn’t happen overnight- but just the fact that you can be conscious of this overwhelming feeling is a step towards breaking the chains! When you get that mobilizing feeling that tells you not to try that fun colour or style, challenge yourself and do it anyway. It’s incredibly liberating! One step at a time…from that first belt, heels or top…all the way to a whole new daring outfit! So next time, instead of saying “oh no, no, I could never wear that!” Flip it around and say, “I’m gonna try it anyway- what will it do- kill me?” If the answer to that is, yes- then please don’t do it! But if not- dare to shed that lizard skin and let out the new fun, daring you!

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Such an amazing outfit- that’s how I feel about it…But it’s taken me some time to wear it. Here’s a clip of me telling you more about the Lizard Brain and how it almost stopped me from wearing it.

Here’s another case in point: these reading glasses by Peepers. The clear ones are an obviously cute pair…But the darker tortoise ones are gorgeous and yet I’ve been terrified of wearing them out in public -but I love them!! So I wore them…and the result was anything but frightening: I got so many compliments for their originality and how they suit my spunk!

Which Peepers reading glasses do you prefer on me?

Did you know that Peepers glasses is honoured as one of Oprah’s favourite things? !

This week I challenge you to DEFY YOUR LIZARD BRAIN!!! Wear that item that you’ve been dying to style up but haven’t had the guts to do so. Tag me on Instagram with what is the opposite of lizard brain paralysis to what is pure styling joy: #dopaminestyling – AND ALSO Linkup your posts with me this Friday- I wanna see you silencing that lizard with that great style of yours!!!

Is your Lizard Brain cramping your style?


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20 thoughts on “Is Your Lizard Brain Paralyzing Your Style?

Add yours

    1. Good for you!! And I love how you put it: making your color neurons happy!! Love that! xx

  1. Stunning outfit Lucy, love the blend of colors and patterns. Both pairs of glasses look great, I maybe prefer the tortoiseshell ones. I am having my eyes tested next week and will probably buy a new pair – am looking for a pair like your tortoiseshells.

    1. Thank you Gail! Do take a look at Peepers if you’d like the same pair. I love tortoiseshell too:)

  2. This outfit is so visually appealing and I LOVE those boots… and the jacket with it!! I like the clear reading glasses. I really need to get some nicer readers, I have a pair from Walmart. Just last year my reading vision started to get bad, it is so annoying to me!


    1. Thank you Carrie! I’m cray about these boots too!! For the glasses, I usually get mine from the pharmacy – the equivalent of your Walgreen’s I believe. But this time I tried Peepers and I love them. I know what you mean about the annoyance…it gets worse progressively ugh!

  3. This outfit is so visually appealing and I LOVE those boots… and the jacket with it!! I like the clear reading glasses. I really need to get some nicer readers, I have a pair from Walmart. Just last year my reading vision started to get bad, it is so annoying to me!


  4. Exciting to be one of your featured faves! Thanks so much. Loving the snakeskin mixing. Very daring but you totally rock it!,

  5. Lucy, everything about this post is absolutely brilliant! I love this idea of lizard brain and not listening to it. And this outfit is just magnificent! I really like both pairs of peepers on you, too. Both are bold and unique and very much “you”! Thanks for linking!


    1. Oh Shelbee…that Lizard brain has taken me to dark places more than once- but once you become aware you practice and learn to shut it down. Thanks so much hun xx

  6. Hi Lucy!
    I love both glasses for different reasons. And I want them both. I’ve been eyeing the dark ones for sometime. There are a few Oprah Faves on the site. Can you send me the link for the ones you are wearing?

    1. Oh Thank you so much for highlighting my post! we all need to shed that loud lizard! xx

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