Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party – Summer Means: Celebrate!

Around here celebrations actually begin in May with our wedding anniversary and then Mother’s Day..But now here comes June, with a grandbaby’s first Bday, Father’s Day and then our Quebec holiday on the 24th. July will also be filled with even more…Is it any wonder I just adore summer?!

The weekends have been sunny and the kidds popping in and out- all this making me super busy but super happy! This Sunday morning, just like with Mother’s Day, I’ll be off to the cemetery, this time to spend some time with my dad…no coffee for him…I’m bringing a small glass of wine in a thermos; just the way he’d like it.

Forever missing you Papa…Wishing you the best day with our Father up above<3

As for styling it up, I’ve loved me some color this week and a bit of history that goes with Polka Dots. Since I happen to teach this subject, I guess it would be nice if I gave you a bit of history behind the Polka dot!

Did you know any print with circles or dots was ghastly and a big No No upto the 1800’s? That’s right- people back then feared anything that reminded them of the pox or the plague- and that included dots of any sort! It was only afterwards that the Polka dot got its name from a peasant dance that originated in the Czech lands in the 19th c. Ever since that, a whole Polka mania emerged and the dots became uber famous- especially in America (think Marilyn and Minnie Mouse!).

Let me know if you love learning about history of fashion and textile and I’ll be happy to post more!

Meanwhile, the week started with such a fun collaboration with my Stylish Monday friends- where we styled up fresh and fruity looks. You can read the post HERE. This is us!

And- because it’s crazy sunny and yet a bit breezy…Montreal weather is just up in the air; once cold, once hot lol! Here’s to styling sweat joggers with an imitation scarf top in bold bright colours. Don’t you just love those? You can also create this same look with a real scarf. It’s always so good!

It’s also Slow Fashion Season– and once again I’ve joined the movement! As a fashion teacher, it’s also my duty to form our fashion leaders of the future…and this means awakening them to all the newer and non-harmful ways in which they can be part of this creative industry. I encourage everyone to do their part and have fun with it along the way. This does not mean giving up all fashion…just trying to style it up a bit more sustainably, as well as you can. Go check out Slowfashion.global to learn more.

Are you ready for the weekend? What are you styling up?

Let’s see what my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVAS from last week’s Linkup Party wore!

I’m all over this green dress styled by Cheryl of Cheryl Shops- How amazing is this color on her!

I just adore headscarves and how adorable is this one? Check out this post by Maya of The Little Treasures and her pattern HERE

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup Party was by Michele of My Bijou Life, for her post: Continuing the Menopause Discussion

Continuing the Menopause Discussion


Let’s get a move on the PARTAY shall we?!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

********CLICK HERE TO ENTER*******

Happy Father’s Day to all the Men in your lives that will be celebrating!

NOTE : Please come by this Monday for my Collaboration Post with the Thrifty Six and our Boho Looks.

A N D…



You won’t want to miss my INTERVIEW with the ever-so fabulous Sheila of Ephemera Blog– where we talk Fashion, Ageism and so much more!

30 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party – Summer Means: Celebrate!

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    1. Oh thanks so much Jess! History is filled with these unbelievably crazy stories- and a lot of them are reflected by fashion! Have a great weekend xx

  1. I would love more tidbits on fashion, textile and design, Lucy – it’s endlessly fascinating as a topic to me (as you found out!). I checked out the “Dressed” podcast you recommended, and have started working my way through them from the oldest to newest – thank you so much for that info.

    Love your bright blue and yellow outfit – it reminds me of Delft pottery and yellow tulips! I think I remember reading that about polka dots and the association with the pox/plagues. It’s amazing how all these things have amassed and created this huge history of ourselves through clothing! That dotty jumpsuit is amazing!

    Linking up with what I wore yesterday! I’m so excited about the podcast!! Thanks again!

    1. Sheila I’m so happy you delighted in reading all about this! As for the Dressed- you are going to love every single episode! As for me, I’m gonna order myself the book you suggested. Still beaming about our convo yesterday. Have a great weekend my beautiful Fashion Diva xx

  2. That jumper is just adorable and I love the blue and yellow outfit. Your dad looks adorable too, I can understand why you miss him so much.

    1. Thanks Jill! Fashion history can be so fun as it’s really all about the people and why they wore what!

  3. Hello Lucy, I am popping over from Sheila’s blog! What an interesting fact about dots and circle prints. I really had no idea. I’m loving polka dots, or indeed any kind of dots myself, and I’m definitely loving your dotty outfit 🙂
    Your scarf top combined with those delicious joggers is a sight for sore eyes.
    How lovely that you’re taking a glass of wine when visiting your Dad at the cemetery. Mine would have loved a strong Belgian beer, I think. I miss both of my parents more and more each year … xxx

    1. Thanks Emma- that’s the beauty of scarves, they’re so versatile! Have a great rest of the week xx

  4. I really love the cut of that scarf top and you are always SO great with adding a lot of color to your outfits! The blue and yellow is so refreshing. Ha! I am sure your dad will appreciate that thermos of wine from up above!


    1. YOu’re so sweet Carrie- thanks for that:) As for colour- it just brightens my day so of course I love to wear it as much as I can:)

    1. So true!! And it’s funny because most people don’t notice at all that it’s an actual scarf!! Without the problems lol!! Thanks xx

  5. Lucy, what a wonderful post! I love your double dotty outfit and that fun scarf top with yellow sweatpants! Yay! I wrote a post not too long about the history of polka dots and I loved that bit about it reminding people of the plague and the pox! It was also a print that was reserved for the lower classes…because it reminded people of the plague and the pox! Wealthy folks would never wear dots! I hope you had an amazing weekend, my friend.


    1. Yes! Absolutely all those details Shelbee about polka dots- I should have mentioned it too! And poo poo to all the wealthy folks of back then- we are loving our dots! Thanks so much xx

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