The Thrifty Six Go Boho!

It’s time for another fun styling collaboration with my Thrifty Six Fashionable Ladies. And this month is all about the Boho Vibe…the 60’s/ 70’s are calling my name!!

“Boho fashion and styling- and I’m all in!  For me boho is all about flowy and reminiscent pieces filled with florals and embroidery. This lovely dress I inherited from my Mexican friend Ernestina. She completely hand-embroidered it ages ago-making it all the more special to me. Artisanal work speaks to my heart-from soul to hand, creations blossom. Precious!”

Emma of Style Splash

“For me, boho style means long, flowing dresses, vintage floral prints, tassels and floppy hats. I’ve managed to include all of those elements in this outfit. My dress is a vintage find from eBay. It has an unusual neckline that had me a little baffled at first – I wasn’t sure if I was wearing it back to front!” 

Grace of Graceful Rags

“It was my turn to pick this month’s theme, and in hindsight, I have no idea why I chose boho! I really struggled putting together an outfit for today’s post and finally landed on this more subdued boho look. In my head, I was imagining flowing garments, pattern mixing, wild hair, lots of layered jewelry, lace-up sandals… all while frolicking in a field. This outfit is none of those things, except for the hair—I had fun adding tiny braids, twists, and hair rings. My secondhand skirt and matching elephant clutch felt like the next best thing to embody this month’s theme.”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

“Musings under a cinnabar sunset…

Lost in thought, relaxing in the evening sun, I contemplate my attire and the complexities of its origin.

I muse upon the vintage patchwork skirt, hand-stitched by a bare-foot flower child…

…the trinkets and adornments collected over time, ethnic, Byzantine, Bedouin…

…crossing continents for me to unite them under this cinnabar sunset – my vision of bohemia…”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“This blouse is actually a hand me down as you name it I think. I never wear a boho look and this was the only item that came close to me. And it’s not the blouse that gives me a bit of a boho feel, it’s the hairband, which belongs with the blouse, and the mules. But I only wore the blouse for this photo a few years ago. It ended up in the give away bag.”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“I found this turquoise embroidered boho dress when I went thrifting last month with my big birthday coupon and I combined it with my brown thrifted cowboy boots for some festival hippie vibes. I accessorized with a cowboy hat and beaded jewelry. And then I added a long crochet lace vest to cover up a few tiny bleach spots on the back of the dress that I didn’t notice at first.”

The Thrifty Six is a group of international fashion influencers who meet once a month in our little space on the internet to share our thrifty outfits. On the third Monday of every month, we will all share an outfit based on a theme that features preloved wardrobe pieces. Shopping and reselling preloved clothing is so much better for the environment and you can find some of the best fashions in thrift or charity shops. The Thrifty Six are here to inspire you to shop second hand! 

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    1. This dress truly makes me smile too! The color, the embroidery- yes! Keep on smiling beautiful Shelbee xx

    1. Exactly! And I’m a little bummed out that at my very first wash (years ago) I made the colour bleed:( But after years, it now shows less and it’s still beautiful. But I nearly cried!

  1. Wow, there is so much work in this dress! We tend to forget that all that “extra” work in garments is often hand-done by a real person! How special that you have this done by your friend, Lucy. I love the bright colour and the “stand away from my body” cut – so perfect for hot summer weather!

    I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

    1. All that you said Sheila- it’s super important and precious when it’s hand made. I adore this dress! Thanks friend xx

  2. Your Mexican dress is delightful and one of my favourites from all the outfits of the thrifty six! I’ve hopped over from Sheila’s post, by the way! xxx

    1. Oh Thank you so much for stopping by!! This makes me so happy! Sheila is the best:) I’m hopping over to your place too now!

    1. Thank you Debbie- I think the fact that she embroidered it is what makes it look so beautiful. I feel the love!

  3. that yellow dress is amazing on you – it must have taken your friend so long to hand embroider it but it really makes the dress – what a pretty and special piece to have!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂 It’s a very rainy day here!

    Away from Blue blog

    1. It’s so precious to me!! And yes, can you imagine how long it takes to embroider all this- real care and tender touch. Thanks so much xx

    1. Oh welcome here! I’ll go to your blog too! I love what Emma styles up all the time:)

  4. Great dress, the shade of yellow looks great on you. Nice to see your boho looks. Jacqui x

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