Becoming Vintage…

So much can be said on this topic- but today I’ll stick to the basic notion that everything that survives passed decades has the chance to classify as Vintage. That means that it’s not only brand names or couture that make the cut. It’s primarily about standing the test of time…Any of your clothing items can achieve that.

Here are some personal suggestions that usually work for me:)

1- Buy well made quality items. A good piece that’s made well can become timeless- and that’s gold in today’s fast and furious fashion world.

2- Take great care of your garments. Make sure to always read the care labels! Hang, or fold carefuly- no throwing, bunching or leaving around the floor!

3- Love what you purchase. I’m talking about long-lasting love…so choose wisely; you’ll be more prone to rewearing rather than discarding.

4- Before you Ca-Ching! envision how many different ways you can style it. The more versatile the piece, the more it can adapt to changing times and trends.

5- Invest in good basic pieces that you can wear…forever (remember that’s the goal)!

NOTE: Even your newest purchase can eventually turn’s really up to you!

Here’s what I wore recently. A mix of ancient and recent buys from my collection.

First look: Head to Toe Vintage!

Here’s the less than 1 minute clip:

Vintage pieces are also perfect for adapting to any fashion that is trendy and recent as well. Case in point this monochromatic look in forest greens (of course I still had to mix in the prints and patterns!). The monochromatic trend is pretty strong this season- and it being autumn, I found this look to be particularly on point!

What do you think?

70’s men’s vest
80’s blazer…A bit more on this outfit; I’m a huge Rod Stewart groupie and fan lol! So not gonna lie when I say that most of my blazer looks have me channelling the Rod! Anyone else on board?

Here’s the one minute clip for the details:

My next vintage delight is all about this incredible velvet, embroidered darling light-weight coat. I don’t imagine this being a very young thing…most probably the 70’s once again. There are no tags- so I’m guessing by the workmanship, cut and details that it’s from that decade. Especially that the fabric is velvet, and brown, those are huge factors as well. It’s in mint condition- got this in an estate sale and have absolutely no regrets. It’s stunning don’t you agree? Giving me some walk-in-the woods wholesome country, peace and love vibes. Love it!

Oh and the back is just as good!

Wearing this also for # Wear it Wednesday challenge up on Insta, where some of us Fashionistas do a bi-weekly styling theme. This week was on outerwear.

Once upon a time vintage meant things had to be from 50 or 60 years in the past. Not today- anything dating back as close to 20 years ago, can now pass for vintage. For me, it’s more about the decades and the fashion, style and culture they represented. Whichever way you decide to look at vintage, just know that if something is well cared for and respected, it’s got a pretty good chance of turning vintage at some point- if it hangs around long enough! The older the better…just like wine!

If you enjoy my ramblings on vintage, stay tuned as I’ve got more coming your way! BTW…did you know Gucci is turning 100 this month? Talk about that soon!

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Gucci inspired cap

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  1. OMG, loving your looks here, Lucy!

    That embroidered jacket is probably actually late 90s, early 00s, and really screams Nygard to me – they did a lot of that kind of heavily embellished stuff. If it were 70s, it would be printed vs. embroidered. The early 00s is the last time there was a lot of brown around too.

  2. I have two dresses from the 80s that I actually wore in high school—I keep them on hand for when my students play ‘80’s Days.’ I love your vintage finds and styles—especially the brown coat!

    1. So true! Maybe because we feel the 90s were just yesterday…but it’s been 30 years lol!! Thanks Jess xx

  3. Oh, that 70s jacket! I love all of these! Not much is super old in my closet: probably things in there average 5 years or so but I do have a few pieces that are classic cuts that may be around 10 years old. I have gotten better about buying better quality in the past couple of years .

    1. That’s so great Mireille that you invest in good pieces! That makes a huge difference in how long clothes last. Thanks my friend xx

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