Monday’s Styling Confessions: Through the Looking Glass…or Not

Today we discuss the fashionable side of eyewear. It’s no lie that very few of us would choose to wear glasses if we didn’t need to. I can actually see the reason for maybe styling here and there for a certain look- but other than that, most of us, I believe, wish we could do without the extra hardware if at all possible. Either way, everyone has got their reasons for the pros and cons.

In my case, so far I can manage without a prescription, but my reading glasses are a must, or I’d see absolutely nothing within 10 inches or closer. So I fall in the category of glass-wearer and all that it entails.

Personally, there are a few things that bother me about wearing readers:

  1. I keep misplacing them- or losing them altogether.
  2. I have to keep putting on and taking off continuously.
  3. Because I sit them on my head, they’re never spotless (but rather oily).
  4. I have tried the chains as ‘glass necklace’ and all that does is have it ripped off my neck as I bend and it gets stuck on drawers, handles etc.
  5. I have to keep on switching them up as they hurt- or make an indent, on my nose (they also hurt my head.
  6. If I wear them for too long on my head, they end up slipping off the minute I bend.
  7. They also don’t last, since my sight seems to keep dipping so I have to level up every few months
  8. And then there’s the problem of switching from sunnies to readers on sunny days.
  9. Some comments also get on my nerves! Scroll down to read my #confessionoftheday

The list goes on. And I suppose there are solutions. These days the only one that seems logical to me is going in for a laser consult. I understand though that there are risks to this procedure, along with the notable fact that it’s not cheap. Recovery is also tedious and a whole other experience. So I’m really doing my homework on all this.

Now- Let’s talk fashion and style! When there’s a necessity, you work around it- functionality must go hand in hand with a great look. For me, that means playing with shape, size and colour. And that does work for me. All other hindrances aside, completing a look, stylishly, is where it’s at. If I think of Apfel- well she makes it a definite fashion statement!

Here are some of my looks with readers.

The clear glass look has been one of my best…This is possibly because it takes less noticeable attention away from my actual face lol. Needless to say…I lost these last month.

And then there’s my big frame green glasses:

My most reliable go-to glasses are usually in black frames. They’re super light too. I love these!

These last ones here were my absolute all-time favourite pair. I loved them because I found they fit every situation or style. And don’t you know it- I’ve lost these as well.

From all this, you can gather, that I really do love glasses as a statement piece- especially making it work when I really do not have a choice.

What’s your stance? I’d also love to know if you’ve gone through the laser surgery. Needing advice!

#ConfessionOfTheDay: I always hate it when I hear someone says: “Oh I find you look so much better with glasses on!” Excuse me? That’s like saying you don’t like the face the person was born with! Comments please!!

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  1. Love your glasses! It’s nice that you have several pairs to go with different outfits. I’ve worn prescription glasses for many years. I tried contacts at one time, but my vision problems really do require glasses, not contacts. I agree with you that lightweight frames are a must. Heavy frames that slide down my nose are simply irritating.

    1. I agree Carol- I’m actually even more irritated by the fact that I keep losing them as well! Have a great mid-week!

  2. The last pair is my favourite too, stylish and not too heavy. Eye surgery like any other has its pros and cons and would consider doing it if is absolute necessary. I wear multifocal glasses that allow me to read, watch TV and drive, all in one. I have two pairs, one for home and one for the office. That’s works for me perfectly.

    1. Hi Anna, I’m glad it’s working well for you- not like me who keeps losing glasses ! I agree about the surgery being absolutely necessary…I will have to really weigh it all in. Thanks!

  3. You are adorable in glasses! I think the oversized black frames are my favorite!

    I’m wearing a little white dress in my new post and would love you to stop by!


  4. Love those readers – what a drag that so many have gone astray on you, Lucy! I tried readers – I play a lot of board games with tiny little cards and text – but they annoyed me too much, so I just read under my regular prescription lenses. I splurged on prescription sunnies last year (giant tortoiseshell frames) and they’ve been a game changer. Although yeah, it’s a pain going in and out of stores and having to change them all the time.

    I hate those kind of compliments. I’ve grown my hair long a few times over the past 4 years and when I cut it, one of my colleagues said, “Oh, I didn’t like your long hair.” Um, what? What makes you think I want to hear that?? She hasn’t said a thing since I’ve grown it out again!

    1. I get you!!! Like those are the meanest comments I find- and especially when it comes to changes you make, and the person tells you that your natural self is not nice!! Anyway- some people never learn how to be. As for the glasses, well I do try to style them up- but frankly, I’m totally annoyed, with losing them, the weight, the forgetting them (when they’re magically on my head).I want my face back, without the accessory on it…I can’t put in contacts for readers- so I might consider laser. Let yo know! Thanks xx

  5. I’m a bit nervous about anyone doing anything to my eyes, but the people I know who have had laser surgery seem to be really pleased. Ha! My husband loses glasses at the same rate you do. I’ve worn glasses since I was 22. I am used to them and generally like how look in glasses. But for husband glasses are a relatively new necessity.

    You look great in glasses, but I can certainly understand not wanting to worry about them.


  6. Hi, Lucy – My sister got the eye surgery and the thing is, each eye is made to see differently – like one close and the other far. Also she has to get it redone periodically. She got contact lenses after getting her eyes redone once and lost one of the lenses. This was a problem because due to the surgery she had gotten one lens to see far and the other one close. up. I don’t want to get surgery that might mess up my eyes. My dad had to get cataract surgery and one eye had a problem forever after that. As far as glasses, I look better in smaller glasses and I especially like ones that are rimless so you can hardly tell they’re there and they blend into your face. Since readers are not expensive, I bought one for my purse, one for my home office, one for upstairs, one for downstairs, an extra just in case and computer readers for each computer. As you might guess, I’m never without readers now. Lol! Thanks for the interesting post on a unique subject – Angie,

    1. Oh my, I’m so scared of all you mentioned…as I’ve heard some of this before. Mind you, I’ve been told that for nearness, it’s not that complicated..hmm. More to think about! And yes, I have readers all over the place- but somehow they still get lost lol!! Thanks xx

  7. Fun glasses, I love your styles. I have a similar pair to the big tortoise shell version – snap! Jacqui x

  8. You have a fabulous collection of glasses! I would love to have laser surgery but I’m not brave enough – I’m not generally squeamish but I’ve seen the procedure done on TV and I really don’t fancy it!

    Emma xxx

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