Fashion Unstitched: Nails as Jewels and Accessories for Hands

Hands can immediately give telltale signs about you; about your health, your age, your style, your wealth, and sometimes even the type of work you do. One thing is certain, there's something hypnotic and attractive about beautiful hands and especially the fingernails that accentuate them. On the other hand (pun intended), there's a total adverse,... Continue Reading →

Facials: Montreal’s Best Kept Secret…

When it comes to facials, there’s a place where detailed focus, undivided attention and pampering are a priority- and that’s in Montreal...actually, in Laval, Montreal’s close neighbour- at Jenny Bart’s. Today, I was privileged to receive this fabulous service! I was also lucky to get an appointment, because this girl is booked solid- always. What... Continue Reading →

Makeup Artistry…

An art that constantly fascinates... Here's a backstage look at a Valentino pre-photo shoot. The shoot was for the Valentino jewelry campaign 2014 (which is to die for btw!) -but what always grabs my attention is watching the pros create their art on a gorgeous canvas. I love seeing these master makeup artists at work.... Continue Reading →

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