DIY: How to add Crochet to a Bustier!

Starting off the week with a different type of styling tip!  Why not re-cycle or re-fashion something you love by somehow ‘crafting’ it?  That’s exactly what I did with this little bustier!

First of all, it became too tight!  But- I didn’t want to get rid of it- I find it was such a good layering piece.  This is what it looked like before:

First I created a border for the length (needed more coverage and it was no longer good where it ended in my middle section).  Then, I decided to open up one side (the other has a zipper so that’s too complicated).  And I crocheted an extension!  Then, in order to balance out the two sides, I crocheted two separate pieces and sewed them along the zipper sides.  This created a more balanced illusion.  By also stitching on a crochet border to the shoulder straps- my look became complete!

Et Voila!

Soaking up all them 70’s vibes…

My daughter says she’ll borrow it too (that’s always a good sign…or is it?).  She, though, will wear it like a tank- nothing under- bless her cute little bod😊

If I have to be quite honest here- the crochet part was the easiest.  I did have to use quite a bit of imagination to recreate and ‘make fit’ the idea I had in mind.  But in the end, it all worked out!

You can watch my clip here:

If you’d like to see someone who is a real pro at this?  Check out my goddaughter on Instagram:  @CROCHETKAT27   She inspires me so much- hope I’m making her proud😊

As for my Styling Students; I’m challenging you this week with this!  Remember our motto to Refashion and Rewear!

#Confessionoftheweek:  Haven’t been confessing a great deal have I?  Well, I’m back to say that as good as this may look…it wasn’t easy or quick at all.  But I WILL attempt another such DIY for sure.  I’m such a self-torturer!


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The Friday Fashionphile #2 Spring 2020 Trends to Look For

If you’re a vintage lover…this is your season!

The runways have been swarming with reminiscent iconic looks some of us have worn and adored.  I’m talking: Vests, crochet, polka dots, psychedelic prints, disco collars (all kinds of collars to be exact!), short suits… What more can a vintage lover ask for?

And as for colours; I’ll just talk about my faves: neons and red of course!

Fashion always repeats itself- or as we say- everything comes back in fashion!  But when the come-back is this good, you wanna wear all that goodness that inspires.  Here are some of the looks that this Montreal styling diva is breathless about:


I love this so much-It brings back the 60’s and 70’s vibe!


Vests are so versatile and perfect for layering. Sets the mood for chic or casual- or edgy!


Are we surprised that this trend keeps popping back? Look how good this looks! See:


These are all the rage. Personally, I can’t get enough of this- totally my vibe! Remember this ladies?? See:


Ok I’m dying- This was probably the funnest time for fashion- am I right? see:


Check out these Peter Pan collars! Ok, how adorable are these? See:


Who doesn’t love a fabulous suit- and especially with the freedom of shorts! These are seen with Bermudas especially- but all lengths are in as well; even the short shorts! See:


I’ll just focus on two of my very favourite: Neon… How perfect is this lime green?? See:

And Red! Yes, Red! I am crazy about this colour for both fall and winter, but adding it for Spring and Summer…well, I am in heaven! See:

These are some of the trends that I’m most excited about for Spring 2020. And although we know that trends come and go, that doesn’t mean they actually disappear within a season. Many of these trends, in fact, last well into one season to the next (just look at neons and polka dots). So we are good for awhile.

As well, I’d say that we can probably dig into our own closets and find that once again, we can find these same trends already hanging there waiting for us to style them up again.

#Confessionoftheday: I’m ready to ravage my closet, determined to find some of these looks right in there!

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