Covid19 – Busy, Busy, Busy: 10 Tip Challenge to Stop being a Trophy Woman

Seriously, how are we all doing with this new way of living so far?  It was all quite chaotic at the beginning, adapting, re-focusing, shifting it around, re-inventing, and now hopefully…settling in? I really hope we are all slowing down and taking a breather.

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Are we, though,  really taking the time to breathe, to refocus, to take time for ourselves, to soak up our faith, to talk and rekindle with our loved ones, or, are we just trying to keep busy, busy, busy?  Haven’t we been there done that- and complained about that?  So why are we trying to re-create that?

Seems to me that although many of us have begun to take a liking to this new pace and newfound ‘getting back to basics’, most of us have not allowed ourselves to do so. 

We have been packing in our schedules as though we have to justify something.  I’m guilty of this too.  Fault of a societal mentality that we must always be busy, busy, busy always somewhere to go and something to do.  Well now we can’t go anywhere.

So, what have many of us started doing?  We are getting busy, busy, busy around the house: exercising more, cleaning more, cooking more, planning more, working more (yes- some of us are actually putting more hours into our work from home than we did at the workplace!).

What’s wrong with this picture- especially for us women? NO need to justify ourselves through what we do.  How about we plan some true introspective work in all of this?  But- by all means if this stay at home is giving you more freedom and time to do what you actually love doing (and that could be: exercising, cooking, planning- and job-related as well)- then by all means, knock yourself out! Do it! For yourself.

But if you’re just feeling like you ‘must or else’ do something, well maybe now is the time for letting go and just ‘being’.  Being with your family; being quiet with yourself; reflecting; meditating; being in nature, praying more…Something to just slow you down.  We women are guilty of always wanting to do more.  How stressful is that? And- do we really need to create more stress for ourselves in these times?  Doing does not define us.  We are enough.

Ladies, except for the necessary work-related deadlines, there really are no other deadlines except for online grocery pick-up times- or the ones we create on our own!

Covid19 Stop Being a Trophy Woman Challenge:

  1. Get up and actually sip and smell the coffee; slowly.
  2. Take off the timer when you exercise- just do it for your body- not the schedule or number of minutes or steps.
  3. Pamper yourself the way you want- when you want- you’re the boss of that (not that beauty guru on youtube).
  4. Laugh with your kids- homeschooling is just that – your family relationship means more than turning into the teacher (reality check: you’re not the teacher…Unless you really are the teacher).
  5. Stop stressing about keeping up with posts on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook…no one is going anywhere special or doing anything sensational…no trips allowed.  You’re not missing anything.
  6. On that same note, keep posting if you love it! But if it starts feeling like a job- quit now; the pay is too low (or non-existent)- Plus- no one is that obsessed with what you’re up to.  Do it for the fun!
  7. For work:  Put in your 9- 5 and then shut the computer.
  8. A word on chores: Stop with the deadlines or to do-lists.  You’ve always hated cleaning the chandeliers (that’s why you only do it twice a year) …why does it absolutely have to be done this Tuesday?
  9. Take time to give Thanks. On very few selected times in history have people been given the opportunity to be on ‘hold’- in my parts of the world this type of taking a break only happens on snow days (which usually only lasts one day).
  10. The only mandatory rules that mean anything are:  Wash your hands, disinfect all that comes in from the outside, keep social distance, stay home.

We can do this.  We are enough.  No more unnecessary stress.  No one is handing out trophies. Have Faith.  Stay Safe!

#Confessionoftheday: For me blogging and taking the time to write to my heart’s content is actually a way of relaxing! Finally getting to write whenever I want.

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Is Confinement Wear the New Lounge Wear?

We are all at home now (or at least we should be!).  And as petty of a question as this may be, this stylist wants to know…What are we all wearing?

The first few days at home, I get it- we wanted to be comfortable and so, for many of us it was an-all day pajama day…but now that more than a week’s gone by- enough!

I wrote an article not too long ago about the benefits of dressing for our mood: Dopamine dressing (you can read it here).  There is so much truth about how clothing can change your whole mood, demeanor and attitude.

Can we all agree that we need to pep ourselves up a bit and try to stay positive during these difficult times?  So, let’s start by, at the very least, getting dressed when at home!

And, if you insist on comfort, this may be the time to take out those gorgeous kimonos you’ve been wanting to wear (and what exactly were you saving them for anyway??).

Besides kimonos though, ladies, please wear your clothes!  Just because we are staying home does not mean we have to let go of it all- you don’t want to drag yourself into a depression (and yes- therapists will tell patients exactly that:  get up, shower and get dressed- every day!).  It’s important!  It makes you feel like you are ready for your day.

You are not getting dressed to impress- you’re doing it for yourself!  Go ahead and dress up; whether it’s in casual wear, evening wear- or whatever wear- just do it:  Get up and get dressed!  

There is absolutely no specific reason for this type of dressing- cause we’re not going anywhere! This, my friends can make it all the more fun!  Wear what you want- now is the time to enjoy even the craziest of outfits.  After all, nobody’s visiting!  Get up, get dressed and put on your Confinement wear!

Here are some ideas for what some Montreal divas are wearing to dress up while in confinement (and even when not!). One thing that all these looks have in common (besides being so darn cute!), is: Comfort.

Jumpsuits are so versatile- they’re always a good idea! (And always easier to wiggle out of when you’re home rather than out!).
I love me a good loose turtleneck- perfect if dressed up with flocked-motif leggings in the same tones.
If you’re now working from home-but still need to make a presence online , this casual work look is perfect. (I wore this to teach my online class).
Pleather at home? Why not! Also- add a loose chain belt for a little pizzazz. (Hey, it’s your house- wear what you like!)
Have fun in your closet – try a look- take a selfie! Crew necks are my faves; like these worn with leggings or jeans.
Can you tell I have this thing for motif leggings? And for a match made in heaven- I love to add me a sparkly top.
Flair baggy pants with another loose knit look. Comfy but so pretty! (BTW, the cream collar was crocheted by yours truly- just to add that extra touch).

Let’s stay safe for the health of all during this difficult time, while we connect with all things that are truly meaningful to us. And, as we try to distract ourselves from the worry and anxiety- why not indulge in a little dress-up time? There’s no harm in bringing some dopamine back into our lives…Let’s keep this quarantine fashionable shall we?

Don’t lose hope! Dress up and get yourself some good pet therapy- works all the time!

#Confessionoftheday: secretly dreaming of a virtual runway where we all dress for our own runway…Hey- confinement will do that to you!

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