December…Fabulous Friday’s Linkup is On!

Are we ready for celebrating?? Note to Covid: We’ve learned to adapt and no matter all the darn rules- Nothing’s bringing this lady down the scaredy lonely hole! Decorating is done- shopping is happening- and baking’s on the agenda!

Making my Christmas Eve dinner list and checking it twice. Except….Our Premier announced that Christmas is off. You can only celebrate with those living under your own roof- must have same address. He’s gonna have that policed. In fact, he’s encouraging people to report on those who break the law. Yes. Imagine that it’s come to that. Feeling a lot like dictatorship…

But this still won’t get me down because I have had a worst Christmas before this one. In fact, last Christmas Eve was the saddest it could ever be…I lost my Dad on Christmas Eve morning of 2019. He lived with us. So Covid’s got nothing on me- in fact I’m thankful my dad didn’t have to live a moment in this awfulness. And- I will be dining with my family and will be toasting with a glass of red wine from my Dad’s bottle of home made wine that he was saving for us all to drink together last Christmas, and obviously that never happened. I figured we’d enjoy it as a family this year and reminisce, not the sadness, but all the goodness he brought to this world.

Still, I’m looking forward to Christmas, and preparing for the New Year to come. It wasn’t all bad, I did get one more grandson! We’ve all adapted to the pandemic- even if life has changed in so many ways- we still have much to be thankful for. God has a plan- and that’s always a good thing:)

This week I also started my Fragrance contract work (which I do every year for Christmas time and other special holidays. So I’m enjoying a bit of glitz and glamour and a lot of dressing up in black. It’s very chic I know, but I adore color and prints! Will have to make up for those on my days off. Meanwhile…Here’s to some fun print mixing blouse and vest styled up with some leatherette leggings in aubergine- I love! Dressing up at home- my way!

The little blue velvet booties aren’t bad either. What do you think?

Okay moving right along to My FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from the Linkup Party: Gail from Is This Mutton!!! Vest or Gilet…Read her post on this to find out!

Garments have different names in the UK and the US.  Is This Mutton explores the differences starting with gilet which is called a vest in the US.  She wears a lollipop pink faux fur gilet from Kettlewell.
Have I ever told you that I am a Vest fanatic??? I am absolutely nuts about this pink gorgeous one!!!

And here’s My FAVOURITE READ from the Linkup : 5 Common Style Mistakes, by Style Yourself Confident This was so interesting!

Common style mistakes #commonstylemistakes #stylemistakes

And Now- Are You Ready For the Party??!!

Come and Link up Your Posts with me and have a chance to be featured here on my blog- I love featuring my Fashionista Divas!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!



I love this blogging community so much! And I know how much goes into writing every single post, every single week. It’s a dedication thing. And- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. So we put our everything in it! Please take the time to check out these wonderful bloggers and what they have to say. It’s good for everyone:)

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  1. Oh that is a sad memory. But I can hear gratitude in your words, that’s a good thing. How weird is that if you would be telling that others don’t live by the rules. The world has become a strange place. Love your fabulous happy making outfit!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Nancy- I truly am grateful for my dad in every way. And yes… the world has become extremely strange indeed. Wishing you a lovely December xx

  2. I think remembering your dad with his homemade wine will be wonderful this year. And seriously asking people to tell on each other if they have family over for the holidays totally does sound like a dictatorship: that is going too far in my book. You can make recommendations but people should be able to make their own decisions with common sense. Thankfully none of that here. We probably have our usual smallish Christmas with my 2 sisters in law coming. I always celebrate with my parents on January 7th (old calendar Orthodox Christmas) so our gathering will still be small.

    1. Oh Mireille…it’s truly crazy. And yes, people are scared enough and obeying so diligently that they can’t bare if someone bends the rules a bit (even if very safely)…so they call the police on you. When the police arrives: you’re fined. I’m told it’s 1500$ per person…
      Anyway- it is what it is. Wishing you a wonderful December my friend xx

  3. How sad that you will be in lockdown this Christmas Lucy!

    I think we’re going to be in lockdown soon because of the rise in COVID cases.

    We’re all in this together!

    1. Yes it’s truly sad. And what’s worse is that when you force rules like this on people…they will silently break them anyway. It goes against all human comprehension to keep us away from closest of kin! We are in this together- thanks:) Praying it all goes away very fast!

  4. I love the spicy colors you’re wearing! And, what a precious photo of your Dad, Lucy! Keep up that great positive attitude- it’s contagious! Debi

  5. I love these rich jewel tones on you ! Those booties are special, very nice! I am sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my dad not long ago, and his bday was Dec 2nd, so there has been alot of talk around here, and like you im glad he isnt here to deal with Coronavirus. I love your tree too! We are working on getting the decor going!
    jess xx

    1. Sweet Jess- it’s so difficult, I feel you. Yes, I’m so glad that my dad didn’t have to experience Covid- it’s a blessing I always say (imagine that). Can’t wait for you to show your decor- it will be gorgeous I’m sure. Happy December sweet friend xx

  6. I think it is right and proper to enjoy your dad’s homemade wine and drink to his memory this Christmas! Especially in light of this year of crazy!!! He sounds like a lovely man who has given you many good memories!
    You are the QUEEN of pattern mixing, Lucy. I love this retro look!!

    xx Darlene

    1. Oh my darling Darlene- how precious are you?! I will definitely drink to his life. And thanks for the compliment- you know how much I love mixing prints and patterns! Wishing you a fabulous December xx

  7. Lucy,

    So sorry to hear of your father’s passing away! I’m surely he’ll be pleased you’re celebrating him this year with his wine!

    Love your beautiful, colorful, fun sense of fashion!

  8. Your tree looks beautiful but how sad you can’t spend Christmas with family – hopefully you can have a delayed Christmas maybe? I can’t imagine not having Christmas after this tough year. Sorry for the upcoming anniversary of your loss too.

    1. Thanks for all your kindness Mica- I so appreciate it:) We will try to celebrate somehow…we’ll have to get creative!! Have a great week xx

  9. That was a lovely surprise Lucy to find I’m your favourite fashion diva of last week! Thank you. Tough restrictions for you at Christmas, wow. Our govt has, foolishly in my view, said that for 5 days we can meet with three households indoors. People will go crazy and we’ll probably spend all of January in another economy destroying lockdown.
    So sorry to hear about how you lost your dad on Christmas Eve. Christmas will always have an additional poignancy for you xx

    1. Thank you so much Gail for your kindness. Christmas will definitely have an all-around kind of specialness I suppose. I can’t believe all these strict dictatorial rules- but it is what it is. And you look too superb for me not to feature you!! Have a great week xx

  10. Lucy, I just love this outfit and your attitude! I was playing dress up in my closet last night because I had forgotten how much fun it is to just get creative in there for no other reason than I enjoy it! I have some fun outfits planned that need to be photographed now. We should be dressing up and celebrating life every day despite viruses and dictatorships! I love that you will celebrate your father this Christmas with his special bottle of wine! I cannot even begin to imagine what my father would have to say about the state of the world right now. He has been gone 26 years and the world has changed a whole lot in that time! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


    1. Thanks so much Shelbee:) I love that you play in your closet- we are alike in so many ways! Yes- let’s celebrate life every day- and for us fashion creatives, we live through styling it up any way we can:) The world has changed in yes so many ways (some good some bad- we’re living the latter right now) but making the best of it. Thanks my friend xx

  11. I love your attitude towards Covid. I feel the same. I refuse to live my life in fear. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father. The first year is always so rough as you experience all the “first” holidays without him. As for the Covid restrictions, this world has gotten scary insane. I can’t believe the things governments are doing to people all over the world. On another note, I love your outfit. The colors are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Amy- I think the majority of us feel this way- we don’t want to live in fear!! You said that perfectly! Have a great week my friend xx

  12. Those blue velvet booties are so beautiful! I’m glad you aren’t letting covid spoil your Christmas! We normally spend every other year at home and this was our at-home year so I guess it worked out for us in a way. Our daughter was born on Christmas so she likes to stay at home and enjoy the day. It will be fun I am sure!

    1. It’s so nice that it all works out for you- especially for the little one:) She is such a beautiful gift to you on Christmas!!

    1. Michelle and your sweetness- thanks so much for your kindness:) I love purple too!!! Have a great week my friend xx

  13. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Dad. I know this holiday season will be hard and I’ll be thinking of you. I love that you will be celebrating your Dad with his homemade wine! Our normal Christmas Eve celebration with family has been canceled this year and it will just be the four of us. Loving those blue velvet booties!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    1. You’re so kind, thank you:) Yes his home-made wine will definitely have us talking about him and all the good he’s done for us all. Sad to hear that yours is cancelled as well- hopefully this will be the first and last time something like this happens to us all. Wishing you a great week xx

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