Let’s Style Some Fashion Spice Back into Our Life!

Nearing the end of a dreary, hectic, panicky year…Are we all, still in a casual laid back styling mood? Really? I honestly don’t think so. It’s true that we can’t attend any grand events or celebrations like we used to, that’s for sure; but this confinement is feeling pretty much like a sort of modern times war. Crazy, scary, somber, dangerous and lonely times…

Fashion moves with the times and is a direct representation of what we’re living. For me, I don’t want that to be slouchy indoor dressing forever. Enough already: I’m banning the word ‘lounge’ from my vocab! Delete.

Here’s a bit of history: After WW2 (ok I’ll be quick- don’t wanna bore you here- but the history of fashion teacher in me just can’t help it!)- as I was saying…After the war and even during the last bit of it- women longed for a change! They didn’t want the drab clothing and poverty looks they were forced into by war.

Imagine that women went as far as drawing up their legs because they couldn’t find or afford decorative lacey stockings! I’m not making this up:

With Nylon Stockings Scarce, Women Painted Their Legs Using Gravy Juice  During the War Years ~ Vintage Everyday

And- right out of that war, along came Dior with his New Look- back to the fancy and to hope and dreaming again!

The Image that Launched a Thousand Misconceptions | Jonathan Walford's Blog
A dress for peace time!

I say that’s what we’re all feeling inside- a longing for glamour, and over-the top. Don’t you feel like dressing up? Even if it’s gonna be comfortable and casual- please- oh please- make it funky, glamourous and a bit on the spicy!! Are you on board?

Enough with the drab- and please LOSE THE SLIPPERS!!

I was excited to style up this gorgeous 2 piece ensemble by Eva Varro because casual (when you’re going nowhere) can feel and look as cool and glam as can be when you’re wearing something this beautiful. I am loving the black with its touch of animal print that adds all the spice I need. Ladies- you need this outfit. Ultimate pick-me-upper:)

#Confessionoftheday: 2020 is on its way out – and I can’t wait. But in the meantime, I’m transitioning out of the loungewear and back into the stuff I actually want to strut in. After all, the festive season is upon us, let’s spice it up!

Are you in?


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19 thoughts on “Let’s Style Some Fashion Spice Back into Our Life!

Add yours

  1. I am so ready to start putting on makeup and showing my face to people again! And, this is so interesting women used to draw on their legs and yes, you can’t beat Dior. Ahh, I am so ready to be out with lounge and in with some stylish new looks! 🙂


  2. Nice to get strutting in nicer clothes, yes, I have been thinking the same! Fed up with my “uniform” of jeans and sweatshirts, or leggings and sweatshirts!
    Love that duo, it looks fantastic on you but would also work on most shapes with that flattering waist shaping! x

    1. Yes! I’m so on board with fancying it up again. And that duo’s best part is the waist shaping- absolutely!! xx

  3. That snake print set is so fun on you! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 Too hot to do much here so we are staying at home doing Christmas crafts 🙂

  4. Oh, you are a sassy thing, Lucy! I love your attitude and approach towards fashion during this time (as I am sitting here in my leggings and oversized sweater)! I played dress up in my closet the other night just for fun because I was bored of the same old loungewear. Now I need to play dress up and take some photos! Thanks for always inspiring and motivating me!


      1. Seriously, when this border opens again, we need some girl dates to play dress up!

  5. Love this tracksuit Lucy. I’ve just got one similar, but I don’t look half as good as you do. Jacqui x

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