Never, ever, wait for the last day to go see a popular exhibition. The lineup at Pointe Calliere Museum in Montreal’s Old Port was exhaustingly discouraging, yet well worth toughing it out- and I’m so glad I did!

Some of my favourite pieces included the warrior helmets adorned in gold. But what really seized the sparkle nymph in me were the high priestess’ arrays of gold jewelry. It’s too bad we weren’t allowed to take any photos as I would have loved to show you a certain aristocratic lady, Kleita’s collection! What impressed me most were the details in the workmanship. I still can’t get over one very clearly detailed gold ring with the engraving: ‘Kleita doran’ (a gift for Kleita)…a gift that was given to her over 4000 years ago. Now that’s impressive!

I leave you with these two clips:

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