Part 2 of Your Life… Are You an Empty Nester?

Middleage Divas…Welcome to Part 2 of your life. This is what I call the part of life where almost all the kids have grown and have either moved out for school, or to be on their own, or for marriage…

I’m not quite the empty nester yet; my eldest daughters got married last year but since I still have 3 kids at home, the next two are seemingly very close to leaving the nest. So, the exiting part I’m kinda getting used to, or rather expecting. And perhaps I’m not quite phased about this because I never really imagined my husband and I ever being on our own.

With 5 children, there’s always been a full house. And, the fact that we had our last at 40, I simply never even thought about living in an ‘empty’ house. It often feels like that little one will be with us forever. So, my darlings, the real thing I never even thought about or imagined was…being an empty nester.

Where has time flown? My youngest is still only 17. And by the time she moves out, I’ll probably be at the grandma stage from at least one of my four other children. But this one is my baby. So this is what is drumming on my mind and soul- when she leaves the house one day- that will truly be the end of this act for me.

Did I think she would be a baby forever? Yes I did. Of course she’s not leaving anytime soon- but still, I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared. This one has been around for my better part of my parenting years. I love all my children equally, yet sometimes I feel I was granted a second chance to do things a bit different. With my first four – all were very close in age, and I was much younger myself. Life was more hectic and what I did for one, I did for all. With my last, she had the stage pretty much to herself. Maybe she had it a bit easier and better- Not that she would agree of course…when you’re 17 you don’t realize any of this. So right now I feel quite grateful that I still have a few more years of this fantastic time. But I know it won’t be for long…

It’s all bittersweet and part of life. So as I realize this, I find it all the more important that women over 50 find something meaningful to call their own. Personally I don’t believe I’ll ever find anything more important than the raising of my kids; the citizens of tomorrow’s world. And yet! Maybe this is the time to rethink our paths. All that devotion and care taking took first place and consequently, many of our personal passions we learned to simply forget or closet away somewhere.

Today, I do feel wiser, more assertive, more spiritual, more carefree and more accepting of myself. I like to believe that all those years of mothering paved the way for this. This is the new me. Darlings, there’s so much we put on the back-burner (because of love and devotion!)- And now we get a second chance! So let’s get out there and live our dreams – big or small- the time is right! And that’s the best part…TIME- we finally have some! So, take up a course, catch up on your reading, make art, travel, start up a business, volunteer, exercise, become a chef- the sky’s the limit!

And, dear Darlings, if like me, you still have a young one at a home, then all the more reason for getting a start in planning ahead. Hopefully, by being prepared, when we hug and kiss her as we send her off one day, that dreadful lump we fear so much will be that much easier to swallow. It might just help make things seem a little less empty. We can do this. Let nothing or no one stop you. Remember: If God is for us, who can be against us? Rom.8:31

#confessionoftheday: letting go is the hardest part for my mommy heart


Are you an Empty Nester yet? If not…are you prepared?

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  1. Hi I have been a empty nester for 10 years know. Was very hard in the beginning. For a long time anything I did working volunteering yoga traveling. I felt like I had to rush home . Then I remember that there was no hurry I’ll tell you that was tough it’s all about me?? But once time went by it felt good to have me back. Even though I still look back and don’t know were everything went?.as for my husband and I we picked up were we .Now I am definitely looking forward to becoming a grandma😍

    1. So touching Maria, I feel you! I can’t imagine my house just me and Hubby… but you give me hope! It’s true that it will be a lot less hectic- and for sure time to reconnect. Thanks Maria❤️

  2. Hello! I’ve been an empty nester for a little over a year now. I sure do miss my “babies” but when we are all together (like this week on vacation!!!), it’s all the sweeter 💕

    1. Nice! For me…not yet there- but it’s all happening too fast! (Ps…How can I follow your blog?)

  3. I only have one child, so becoming an empty nester wasn’t a gradual transition. Factor in my recent divorce, and there have been big changes. (At least I still have my dog!) I’m trying to find activities that are sociable and fun, but as an introvert, it’s hard.

    1. Sounds like you have had your share of changes. Finding new activities is a great idea. We all have to move in different directions at our own pace. Thanks for commenting:)

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