Make Time for Besties…

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Having good friends is everything. Family comes first, but true friendship is a close runner up. This is true for every stage of our lives…but I think it’s especially important in midlife. Most of our baggage almost empty; we’ve got so much less of a load to carry.  At this stage we’ve pretty much eliminated the irrelevant and kept the most precious. Friendships have had many purposes in life. Most often related to: work, kids, neighbours, hobbies and interests, higher education, community…Let’s just say that more often than not, these relationships flourished for a particular time and period of our lives. And once these stages done, so was the friendship.

But then, there are those that stuck around through it all- or at least popped back in here and there- but never, ever disappeared. Those are the friends I’m talking about. The kind that may have been on break while we were busy making other ‘necessary’ or ‘timely’ friendships. The kind of friends that you could pick up the phone at any time for whatever reason. Recognise them? You know who they are. So that’s who I’m talking about.


Now more than ever, these people add so much more to our lives. Now because, having peeled off our mandates and all the responsibilities that those entailed, we are clear and free for Part 2 of our lives. A much carefreer self, we come full circle and those friends are part of that. To laugh, share, care and confide as though not a day had passed. Doesn’t the mere thought of that bring a smile to your face?

Darlings, let’s enjoy these precious beings that we call soul sisters; besties, partners in crime- or whatever term of endearment you’d like to use. We need these girls now more than ever, if just to bring back the laughs or remember the tears. They’ve seen us at both our best and our worst- lived through tears and joys, and, seen us evolve.  They just love us infinitely for who we are. Time to celebrate this friendship- call your bestie now and set up a date (just like back in the day!)

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Good friends remind you of who you really are and where you started off. Good friends bring out the truest, most beautiful you. And you know what is so awesome about that? That’s the part you really love most about yourself too!

Make time for your true friends Darlings. It just makes life that much sweeter.

#Confessionoftheday: I’m not always so good at picking up the phone…Thank goodness for text and social media!

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  1. Wow from everything you have shared . So far this one is . My best. Your so right! I have my girls all ages they all play a special role in my life. But my Besties is the one who is always by my side when ever I need her and Vice a versa There is no judgment jealously competition ect..just comforted layed back no high maintenance Someone who is your witness outside of your family . Enough to Reveal Anything knowing that it will stay in her heart and say nothing to anyone..Woman need Woman girl time so important . I always felt when a girl doesn’t have a bestie something is wrong. Love my girl time . This is way I love reading your articles such girl time😜👍💕💕💕

  2. Maria you get it girl! We need someone- outside the family- yes. Someone who gets us and where you can be yourself- Bare bones and no judgement. And I think it’s so important even more now. Yes it’s true too that something must not be quite right- it’s sad if you don’t have a bestie…us girls can’t live without one!! Thanks Maria moi XX

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