Fashionphile Focus

The Fashionphile Focus , by the Montreal Styling Diva

Welcome to my All- Fashion- Series here on Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva.  I’m hoping to present you with glimpses of the fashion world that capture my attention.  This could be anything from great fashion news, to new fashion technology, styles, to sustainability, to runways, museums, vintage collections…it’s endless- and that’s why I have to write about it! I want to bring you into this world with me!

In addition, I’m using this forum as a springboard pilot project for my fashion students- a way to use information, creativity and new found sustainable knowledge that will lead to practice (after all my students will be the fashion creators- fashionistas of the future!).

I’m aiming for these blog posts to be not only entertaining, but informative as well.  I want you to discover new things- all-fashion-related- along with me.  For that, at times I will also include fashion experts, fellow bloggers… to come share their fashion finds and expertise through blog posts and/or interviews.  And this way, you’ll get a chance to meet new and interesting people as well!

So, I hope you will follow along this journey and let’s just see where it will take us.  Because as you know…sometimes we start somewhere with a plan… but then the journey takes us to incredible places we may never even have dreamt about.  Here’s hoping to get to that place- join me!

Leaving you with a taste of the finest- from one of the greatest:

A short video clip I took of the Thierry Mugler exhibition:


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