Why (not ‘What’) Are You Wearing…?

Doors are symbolic to me.  Whether it’s in real life or in dreams, I always get some sort of message or feeling when I see doors.  I took this photo several weeks ago and yet it only speaks to me today.  New beginnings, new things, are coming my way.  Like we’ve heard before; when one door closes- another one opens.

So today, this is still a styling post, but with much more meaning to it.  I’m to let what has passed, be at rest and in peace…and look ahead to what more, life has to offer.  I’m to not look behind in grief, but rather be graciously thankful for that past that is now allowing me to go forward.

I wasn’t thinking such thoughts when I took this picture; it’s only now that I was browsing through which pics to post, that it spoke to me this way.  Grieving is a personal process, but when you feel you get a strong message that you alone can interpret, then it’s something real that you can’t just set aside.

My message came in strong for me and I just love the way this pic has such a ready-to-go feel.  It’s a happy and ready photo.  Styling is a passion and so is fashion- but it is way for me.  There’s always something behind what you choose to wear and what pics you choose to post.  I really believe styling up is a creative outlet and a form of expression.

Today I encourage you to look back at some of your photos and see what you can read from them just by how you styled up your outfit- or where the pic was taken.  Everything is pre-conceived; even when you just throw on ‘any old thing’.  It has meaning- and basically, by wearing; you’re expressing.

Which outfit styling photos of yours speak out to you?

#confessionoftheday: My dad (95), who recently passed away during the holidays this year, would not want me to put my life on hold.  He would want me to move forward and lunge…after all, it’s from him that I’ve inherited my strong will and perseverance.  Thanks Papa.


I support sustainable fashion and wearing and re-styling what’s already in your closet;  Thrifted vintage Givenchy.

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  1. Lucy, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. My Daddy died March 12, 2014. I remember the date like it was yesterday. But now enough time has passed that I can celebrate his life instead of mourning the loss. Sending lots of love your way. ~ Suzana Barton.

  2. Lucy you inspired me , thank you for sharing and being so raw and honest . Again my condolences for your loss they are forever in our hearts. You look amazing xxx

  3. Lucy I can relate. I lost my 77 year old dad on February 17, 2019 and we’re coming up on the one year mark. I miss him every single day. My condolences to you, grief is most certainly a process that is ongoing and never ending but we do learn to manage it.
    So glad you linked up with The Style Six!

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words. Every day I’m thankful for having had him so long. It almost seems impossible that both my parents are now gone. My condolences to you too- it’s not easy, but a part of life we have no choice but to accept.
      Thank you for having me link up- I love this idea and live al the blogs! Will go check out your blog! Xx

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