FASHIONABLE FRIDAY- Greece Spotlight & a Link-up!

Hey there! If it’s late summer in your part of the world, I hope you’re still enjoying some of the hot rays!  As for my summer, it has been quite memorable and magical indeed.  I was off to Greece for my son’s wedding there!  So, I figured that for this Fashionable Friday I’ll be showing you some of our finest moments.  (Do stay tuned for further posts on what I styled up, including my Mother of the Groom- dress and details on another post).

But for now, let me jump in to showing you a glimpse of this fairy-tale wedding!

Recap: We got to Greece about a week before the wedding so that we could sort out all things pertaining to the wedding and guests. (But there was still time to soak of the sun and enjoy the sea and beach. Let me tell you that the weather was more than phenomenal. I mean that Greek sun works overtime to offer all the brilliance and heat it’s got!).

Two days prior to the wedding, my husband and I, as Parents of the Groom, hosted the Welcome Dinner for all of the out-of-town guests (about 75). We did this at one of our very favourite restaurants right on the beach. Arxontikon. The food was abundant- and to die for!! Here we are posing with a fabulous view as our background:

With my bestie, Sandra

Two days later we had the wedding! We bussed our guests to the wedding venue: Island Art and Taste

I was so fortunate to also have my cousin and niece from Italy come to the wedding!

Sandra and her family came as well- blessed!

Too many pics to add! But you can take a look at this short clip to get a better idea of all of us celebrating.

I’m so happy to be sharing some of those precious moments with you all- hope you enjoy:)

A special BIG Thank you to the hotel where we stayed at to prepare for the wedding: the Dolce Attica Riviera. They were fantastic!! The manager, Christana, went out of her way to make us feel incredibly valued and special. They had a room for us to cheer the groom and our guests with champagne and mini bites. As well, for us ladies – the Groom Squad (meaning my daughters and me, Mom of the Groom!), we had the hotel salon all to ourselves! Here’s a peak:

After the wedding we spent all of our time doing the beach thing and eating…lots of eating!

I have to cut this short or I could go on forever!!

Haven’t had the chance to catch up on all your blogs yet- it’s been quite the ride. And will get to answering all your comments as well!

For now here goes our LINK-UP for this FASHIONABLE FRIDAY! I missed you guys!!

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Have a great weekend- Bisous!

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  1. Lucy,

    First of all, you look stunning. And your son’s wedding looked fabulous! The white color scheme for the bridal party is such a fresh and joyful look. The location looks gorgeous. What a wonderful occasion to celebrate in such a lovely setting. I’m glad that you’ve been having such a marvelous summer and I’m doubly glad to see you back to hosting.


    1. Rena thank you for your beautiful comment- it was beyond magical for me in Greece this summer. Truly a special occasion in every way. And, yes I’m back to hosting! Thanks so much xx

  2. What fabulous pictures! I love Greece. Amazing place to get married. You all look so joyful.

  3. Oh Lucy, how wonderful! What a beautiful place for a wedding! The bride and groom look amazing and you can feel all the love surrounding them through these photos! Thanks for sharing this very special day with us!


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